Episode 112 | How to Increase Affiliate Income with Wanda Stephanow

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Ready to make more money with affiliate links?

You're signed up for the affiliate programs and have shared links a few times, but you're not making any sales. Sound familiar? Then hit play because this episode will help you create a strategy so you start making money and *bonus* forming relationships with brands for future partnerships! 


"We have all these different platforms we can post on, and looking at them all I'm trying to figure out "how am I going to reach my audience?" and I'm always looking about connecting. Connection is the biggest thing for me."

Discussed in this episode...

  • How to increase your affiliate income
  • Top strategies for increasing affiliate income
  • How to work with brands as an affiliate and move to working with the brand for a collaboration
  • How to stay consistent with what you're sharing to your audience
  • Strategy for creating engagement with content

Resources Mentioned

  • Be a Thrive Insider on Patreon!
  • Learn how to make more money from your blog without wasting time in our Free Masterclass.

More about Wanda Stephanow:

Wanda is a wife, and mom of two girls. She was born in Australia, but her Texas roots are strong. She is addicted to hairspray and lots of lipgloss and believes laughter is the best medicine. Wanda started her own personal styling company in 2012 with clientele in multiple states. Her mission is to teach women in their 40’s how to feel beautiful inside and out!

Visit Wanda's Blog: https://Wandalovessharing.com
Follow Wanda on IG: https://www.instagram.com/wandalovessharing/

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