Episode 113 | Instagram Down (MINI)

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Instagram and Facebook Crashed

October 4, 2021, we had yet another Instagram crash! This time it felt a little bit bigger, didn't it? Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were completely gone for over 5 hours.

Did the Instagram and Facebook crash have you doubting where you're spending your time? Tune in to our very first Mini-Episode where Bree talks about just how Thrive uses social media platforms, and what we do to ensure our money doesn't disappear with a social media algorithm change. 


 "In the blink of an eye or the type of an algorithm-changing code, it can all be gone."

Discussed in this episode...

  • The Instagram and Facebook Crash on October 4, 2021
  • How to use these platforms the smart way
  • How to ensure that your paycheck doesn't go down if a social media platform does

Resources Mentioned

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  • Learn how to make more money from your blog without wasting time in our Free Masterclass.

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