Episode 115 | Getting Started with Blogging

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How to Start a Blog

Does SEO still make you feel like you're back in school and are in a class where you have no clue what you're doing Ready to jump into the blogging world but having trouble getting started? This is the episode just for you! Tune in as Bree goes over the foundations of blogging to help you get started on the right foot. If you've been blogging for a while—you might need a refresher on things you forgot about!

How to get started blogging

"Don't spread yourself too thin. You can save your blog name on all of the platforms, absolutely, do it! But, don't feel like you need to push publish in all the places. Pick one and do it well, and you can always add more to it."

Discussed in this episode...

  • What hosting, domains and themes are
  • What to focus on when you're starting a blog
  • SEO basics
  • Batching basics
  • Favorite Tools!

Resources Mentioned

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