Episode 118 | Instagram Reels Strategy + Growth with Stephanie Kase

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Instagram Reels Success

Ready to make Instagram Reels work and grow your account? Stephanie Kase has grown her Instagram account from her reel strategy and she's sharing that with us in this episode! If you want to learn how to get in front of new audiences and grow your Instagram account then tune in!

Instagram Reels Success

"Where you can have the most impact is finding trends that are happening and putting your own spin on it so it makes sense for your account."

Discussed in this episode...

  • How will reels grow my audience?
  • What type of reels should I create?
  • Making reels takes a lot of time and work! How do I make it work for me?
  • Should I just do what everyone else does?
  • How to come up with ideas that my audience will love and a new audience will find?

Resources Mentioned

More about Stephanie Kase:

Stephanie is an educator, YouTuber, and digital shop owner. She helps small business owners and brands confidently grow online with video marketing. Besides running her business, you can often find her cuddling her two Sheepadoodles, hanging out with her husband, and drinking a chai latte.

Visit Stephanie's Website: https://stephaniekase.com/
Follow Stephanie on IG: https://www.instagram.com/stephanielynnkase/

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