Episode 121 | Benefits of Being a Great Podcast Guest with Christina Lenkowski

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How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview

Did you know that there are over 2 million podcast shows out there with new ones showing up every single day? Today we are going to talk with podcast pitching pro, Christina Lenkowski about how to be a great guest on a podcast, and how to really get all the benefits from being a guest on a show!


"When people tell me they didn't get much out of being on a podcast, the first thing I'll ask them, is where did you send people? If you want to get the most out of the experience of being on a podcast you need to have a specific place that you send people."

Discussed in this episode...

  • How and what to prepare for your interview
  • What it means to create a call to action for listeners and how to do so
  • What should you do once your episode airs?

Resources Mentioned

More about Christina Lenkowski:

Christina Lenkowski is a forward-thinking publicity strategist and educator for entrepreneurs, speakers and authors looking to expand their credibility and go from “best-kept secret” to “go-to expert” in their industries through being a guest on other people’s podcasts. In 2019, after 13 years working in the PR realm, Christina discovered what being a guest on podcasts did for her online-based business -- since then she’s dedicated her work to helping other business owners, particularly women, see the same kind of results.

She’s been a guest on over 20 podcasts, including Her Empire Builder, Book Your Dream Clients and Health Coach Nation, and helped her private clients get booked on over 50 top-rated shows, including The Online Business Show with Tyler McCall, The Heather Sager Show and Get Paid with Claire Pelletreau, among others. Christina lives in Boise, Idaho, USA, with her husband and daughter.2

Visit Christina's Website: https://www.publicityxchristina.com/
Follow Christina on IG: https://www.instagram.com/publicityxchristina/

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