Episode 127 | How to Get Featured in Big Publications with Isabel Leong

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Grow Your Audience by Getting Featured!

In this episode, full-time travel blogger, Isabel Leong shares how she has gotten featured by different media and publications over the years. You'll learn the challenges of getting featured as well as the benefits. You'll also learn the steps to get featured and if you need to have a certain size following before it happens.


"It's really applicable in general throughout all kinds of business or personal branding. As long as you have the skill to pitch and as long as you are not afraid of pitching! It gets easier in time and your chances of getting accepted with your pitch will also increase."

Discussed in this episode...

  • How Isabel's journey began as a full-time traveler!
  • What has traveling looked like during a pandemic?
  • A few bits of advice for someone who wants to begin a travel blog!
  • When we say "big publications" what type of publications are we referring to?
    • News outlets
    • National publications
    • Online news platforms
  • How hard is it to get featured by a big pulication?
  • What are some of the benefits of getting featured in a publication?
  • Do you need to have a certain amount of followers or page views to get featured?
  • Who can pitch themselves to a publication? Can anyone do it?
  • Key steps to getting featured:
    • Think about your Brand Story! What makes your brand or story unique?
    • Find publications that have featured something similar to what you are pitching, or are interest in related topics.
    • Find the appropriate journalist or writer within the publication you are pitching to, to send your idea! You'll want to find their name, their bio, what they cover, and their specific email address.
  • Can you pitch the same idea to multiple publications?
  • What does being featured in a publication usually look like?

Resources Mentioned

More about Isabel Leong:

Isabel Leong. Full-time travel blogger and SEO coach roaming the world at a whim, I draw energy from being outdoors. An explorer at heart, the world is my playground. I help aspiring bloggers and brands get the most out of their online presence and financial freedom by ranking on Google faster w SEO and expose millennial travellers to experiences beyond their imaginations.

Visit Isabel's website: https://belaroundtheworld.com/

Follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/belardtheworld

Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/skyrocketblogtraffic

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