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Episode 134 | What is the Profitable Blogger Society

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Behind the Scenes on how I went from Surviving to Thriving

You've heard us mention the Profitable Blogger Society before so in this episode Bree breaks down the 3 things you need to do in order to grow your brand, as well as all the details on our program. Learn why Bree started the Profitable Blogger Society and how it's helped so many members!


"You can keep doing it on your own… I want to see you win! What we do at the Profitable Blogger Society is extend a hand to help you avoid mistakes and things that are going to take a lot of time and won’t give you the results you’re wanting."

Discussed in this episode...

How Thrive got it's start

First of all, I want you to know that I've been in your shoes. I have been in the position of wanting a large following, consistent income, and to work fewer hours. I've dreamt of big brand collaboration and massive affiliate revenue. I've seen others achieve success and desperately wanted to know how to achieve it myself.

My reality back in 2017 though, was that I was purely surviving, not thriving. For those of you who didn't know, Thrive had its start as an in-person conference. Shortly after the first conference (that I was running by myself), I lost my job. I had made only like $400 from the conference and was running myself into the ground. After that, I just thought I'd wasted years of time. I was scrambling to bring in money, I was dealing with depression and anxiety, and I didn't have a plan. What I did have though, was fierce stubbornness! I saw other people doing it and knew that if they could, I could too. And out of that determination, the Blogger Income Growth Method was born

After giving myself this tool, I was able to start truly thriving. For the first time, I was able to do the things that I loved every single day, while also paying the way for my husband and I to travel around the country for a year in a travel trailer! I was able to work the hours that I wanted to and to take time out in the middle of the day and go meet a friend for coffee if I wanted to. I was able to create my ideal life that didn't require sacrificing my time, my sleep, my mental health, or my relationships.

What is the Blogger Income Growth Method?

Now, what I am sharing with you is something that doesn't require a lot of time. We teach something that figures out just how much time you have available and helps you spend every minute on the right things. The first thing that we tackle with every single person that comes through is how much time do you actually have to work on your brand? And we get real with it. There are a lot of different things that we're going to do based on how much time you have available. You can absolutely build your brand on limited time! It just comes down to strategy and spending your time on the right things.

So here are the three big things that we include in that strategy!

#1. Set SMART Goals

One of my favorite quotes is by Brendon Burchard, and it's "if you leave growth to randomness, you'll always live in the land of mediocrity". You have to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) and there is a specific way that we guide you through setting these goals. We look at your unique situation and figure out how do we make it work smart, and strategically because you can't build a money-making brand by aimlessly working. What this does is remove the worry that you're not taking the right steps. And it's going to give you confidence and help you grow faster.

#2. Create a Plan

The second thing we'll do is we'll create a plan. Because when we set goals, but don't make a plan, we can't increase profit, right? There are three parts to this plan; business, content, and marketing. We take the time that you have each week, and we funnel it through those three things. You have to figure out what is the most realistic and strategic things for you to focus on, based on the time that you have in a week. And then that's when you'll start to see things working!

#3. Increase your Profit

We want to see our audience grow, we want to see our income grow! This step is our favorite, and it's all about building and stacking. By this point, you know that you're spending your time on the right things, and this is when things are going to start working. Here we're gonna go into our growth zone and start pulling levers, and we're gonna start scaling. You're gonna step into the role of CEO, rather than just feeling like you're running the rat race and your business is running you.


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More about Bree Pair:

Bree Pair is a blogging coach and founder of Thrive - A blogging community built to empower and educate bloggers to make a full-time income by spending time on the right things. Her passion is helping bloggers create a strategy for growth and working with them on every side of their business to give them the confidence they need to be successful. Bree is propelled by the results of seeing bloggers go from overwhelmed to steady and sustained growth and creating the lifestyle they want.


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