Episode 138 | Increasing Social Media Engagement + a Challenge

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How to Increase Your Engagement

Feeling frustrated because your engagement is low? Tune in to this episode to learn 3 things you absolutely MUST do if you want to increase your engagement. 

Increase Engagement

"I'm telling you, if your audience feels like they know you and feels like they're your best friend, then they're going to not only keep coming back; they're going to start engaging with your content even more. And they're going to start becoming your raving fans and referring you to other people even more. We have to build that human connection with our audience."

Discussed in this episode...

First of all, We're Doing a Challenge!!

We're doing five days of reals strategy to help you grow your audience and your engagement!
Why should you do this challenge?

  • Your engagement is so low you are starting to hate the app.
  • You are putting a lot of work into your content and you're ready for it to be seen by more people!
  • You know it's important to create video content for your audience, but you want to be able to do it without stress.

It's going to be five days of easy-to-implement and tactical trainings, that you can put into practice right away! Here's what we'll cover each day!

  • Day 1: What to post on Reels.
  • Day 2: Editing and transitions
  • Day 3: Batching ideas and concepts
  • Day 4: Momentum
  • Day 5: Audit and improve

On top of this, we'll have daily giveaways from some of our amazing partners like Tailwind and Flodesk, our friends Liz Wilcox, Kristen Rappaport, and Christina Jones! We're going to have a private Facebook group and it's going to be so much fun! It's basically like a five-day-long party!

Okay, now on to ways to increase your engagement!

Tip # 1: Show Your Face!

We all crave connection, right? As human beings, we need connection to survive. We cannot do life alone. So when we take that concept over to social media; what draws you to others? Feeling like you know and like them. One of the things that I am always checking for any blogger that joins one of our coaching programs, is do I know who is writing the blog? If not, that is one of the first things that I asked them to change right away!

If I don't know who you are, sadly it's very easy for me to click away and not remember to come back. If I haven't formed any type of connection with you, if I don't know what your face looks like, if I don't know who you are, if I don't know anything then how am I going to feel that connection with you?

Maybe this is outside of your comfort zone right now. If you're reading this though, it means you want to increase your engagement. And I'm telling you that if your audience feels like they know you and feels like they're your best friend, then they're going to not only keep coming back, they're going to start engaging with your content even more! We have to build that human connection with our audience.

Now, I'm not saying that you need to live on stories every day. Be strategic with your time, pre-record things, and do whatever you have to do! But don't be afraid to show up on stories. Don't be afraid to show your face in your feed, record video, and just show some personality and who you are. Because that's what brings us back to you!

Tip #2: Talk about Relevant Things

I know you are creating magical, amazing content because I am seeing it all the time. And I am cheering you guys on!

Something that can happen, though, when we're creating content is it's easy to get in our head about stuff. There are so many things that we have to do, and so it can be very easy to just blow through things like a checklist. Something I've found helpful though is to pause, check myself, and remind myself of who I'm filming this for. As a result, there's something mentally that happens that flips my switch.

There's a feeling that happens within me when I am creating for somebody, instead of just checking it off a to-do list. There's another level of humanity and connection that comes through, and that type of content always performs better and always resonates more.

A few questions to ask yourself before creating content are:

  • What am I creating that is relating to my audience?
  • What's engaging them and sparking conversation?
  • Am I making them want to comment?
  • What is inspiring them and resonating with them?
Tip #3: Play the Game

The bottom line with social media is that they're free platforms! These are incredible, free, marketing platforms. Sure, it's going to cost you time and energy to produce the content to put on these platforms. But at the end of the day, the actual physical platform that is reaching your audience is free!

So how do we make the platform work for us? We have got to play the game. But what exactly does that mean? Well, we know that on Instagram they are pushing video. They have made it very clear what they want on their platform, and it's more video content. So playing the game on Instagram right now looks like sharing video content (reels, live videos, IG TV, stories). That's not to say that you can't post beautiful images anymore, but you have to post videos now as well in order to see growth.

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest all have creator accounts now and are wanting people to post more videos! Are you posting reels on Facebook? Same thing over on Pinterest; they are now paying people to share videos! You have to play the game on these free platforms if you want your audience to grow and stay engaged.

Now I know it can feel sometimes overwhelming. I can feel that way too. We need to take that mindset though, and throw it in the garbage! That is literally what I'm having to do as well, anytime it happens. We need to shift into thinking, "Okay, this is my time to take advantage of this new tool and to see what the possibilities are with it." With just a few things and intentional effort, we can increase our engagement and grow our audiences!


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More about Bree Pair:

Bree Pair is a blogging coach and founder of Thrive - A blogging community built to empower and educate bloggers to make a full-time income by spending time on the right things. Her passion is helping bloggers create a strategy for growth and working with them on every side of their business to give them the confidence they need to be successful. Bree is propelled by the results of seeing bloggers go from overwhelmed to steady and sustained growth and creating the lifestyle they want.


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