Episode 141 | Authenticity on Social Media with Lacey Douthat

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How to Show up With Authenticity on Social Media!

Social media is an ever-evolving machine! With new trends happening daily, How do we continue to show up and remain authentic without burning out? Today we're talking all about showing up with authenticity on social media, while also creating healthy boundaries with Lacey Douthat of The Glitter Gospel.

Authenticity on Social Media Thrive

"You're the only one of you. And if you're just trying to be like everybody else, how are you going to stand out, make yourself known, and have people that want to follow you?"

Discussed in this episode...

How do we stay grounded when our job is online, and so much of it is on social media?

Having the majority of your relationships outside of the internet is a great place to start. For a long time, especially when Lacey was just starting out, most of her friendships were online because she was hungry to grow and learn! The result of that was that the majority of her friendships were with people who did the exact same thing as her. At first thought, that might seem great, but it was actually pretty unhealthy. It brought in a lot of comparisons. It negatively affected her mental health and her personal life in general. Regrouping, assessing her life and relationships, and therapy have all been super helpful. We need to realize that even when the internet is basically your job, it's crucial to have parts of your life that are not on the internet.

Sometimes it's hard to know when and what to share, what to document, and what to just enjoy. Finding the balance is so important! Lacey has gotten to a point where she knows what her audience cares about and what is not necessary to share. If she's traveling and doing a work trip, she's absolutely going to share that. But when she's out to dinner with her husband she'll only share what feels natural to capture and share. And if that isn't anything at all, it's okay! At a certain point, if the balance isn't there and you are always capturing everything, it can make your whole life feel staged and fake, and nobody likes that.

Why is authenticity on social media so important for growing your brand?

This is, unfortunately, where a lot of people miss the mark. The biggest reason it's beyond important to be authentic is that you are the only one of you. Yes, people say that all the time. We've all heard that. But it is everything if you want to grow an online brand. If you are trying to be like everyone else, how are you going to stand out? How are you going to make yourself known and have people who want to follow you?

Just go to your explore page on Instagram, and you'll see at least 10 different "copy-paste" people on there. We can't speak for everyone, but that won't make a lot of us excited to follow someone. Most often, if it's an aesthetic photo, maybe we'll save it for inspo? Or if we're going to the location, or like the pose, maybe we'll save it. But will we follow? What makes you feel invested in someone's life and story? Yes, it's awkward to figure out how to show up online sometimes, but it's best if you're just yourself.

What makes you follow someone? What captures your attention? We as humans are drawn to others when we feel we share something in common with them. And the people we have seen doing really well are the people who have figured out what they like most about themselves, and what their audience will enjoy consuming. And then they've honed in on that!

If Lacey was going to grow a brand new account from scratch—what would she prioritize?

First, figure out the platform you want to start with. Hone in on that one platform for a bit and gain some traction. Learn what works and how you want to show up there.

And then second, consume the least amount of content you possibly can on said platform. We've got to stop scrolling so much, even just for your mental health. Not only can over-consuming content increase our anxiety, but it can also hinder our creativity and plant seeds of uncertainty about what we're doing and creating. You don't have to follow some certain standard of what your reel or TikTok should look like. Come up with something new and all your own!

Third, be very selective about the people you follow and engage with. Find people that resonate with what you're also trying to put out on the internet, and follow and engage with them! Because if you don't, you're going to be attracting a very random assortment of people. And it won't be for your benefit.

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • It's important to collect content, but also memories for ourselves!
  • Finding and being confident in your own style.
  • Tips for continually showing up with authenticity, even when we're feeling a bit off.
  • How Lacey decided when and what to share about their very personal journey with Infertility.
  • Time management tips as a blogger, social influencer and someone who works from home!


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More about Lacey Douthat:

Lacey Anne Douthat, Content Creator at The Glitter Gospel (@wearetheglittergospel on socials) Based in Johnson City, TN in the industry since 2012 sharing lifestyle content for the average girl. Lots of midsize style, approachable travel and home, and some beauty trickled in.


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