Episode 142 | Your New Pinterest Strategy with Nadalie Bardo

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Pinterest Strategy Simplified!

Pinterest is still alive and well for bloggers! If you're wanting to drive page views to your blog then tune in. Our new Pinterest bestie, Nadalie Bardo, is teaching us everything we need to do on Pinterest. This is what she does full-time and we are so pumped to learn from her!

Your New Pinterest Strategy with Nadalie Bardo

"Idea pins are very much about giving Pinterest what they want. That doesn't mean that any old idea pin is going to do it for you; you're going to want to stick to the best design practices. You're going to actually want to create a pin that people want to engage with, right? But especially if you have a new account that's not growing, creating idea pins can be a huge boost for you."

Discussed in this episode...

What started Nadalie's journey with Pinterest?

Nadalie started her blog in 2016, and by early 2017 had realized that following everyone else's advice was not working. She was new, still learning, and dividing her time over every single platform trying to grow. Frustrated that her efforts were getting her nowhere, she went down a google search rabbit hole trying to figure out where other bloggers were getting their traffic from.

Seeing numerous bloggers mention Pinterest as their number one source of blog traffic, she decided to give it a try. She wanted to find a course that could teach her all there was to know about Pinterest, but there just wasn't one! So after learning the ins and outs of Pinterest strategy for herself, how to design beautiful pins, SEO and Pinterest, and testing basically every trick in the book, she decided to create the resources she wishes she had in 2017.

The Five Types of Pins - Explained!
Standard Image Pins
  • The standard pin is one static image. It's an image that is linking to a website; whether that's a blog post, a podcast episode, or even a sales page.
Simple Video Pins
  • This is just like the standard image pin, except there's a video. It's usually a video clip in an MP4 file, or it could even be an animated image. If you're using something like Canva it's very easy to turn a standard pin into a video pin!
Idea Pins
  • This pin has ruffled some feathers! The idea pin was Pinterest's answer to Instagram Stories. It's multiple slides that you can click through, all together in one pin. The part that was controversial was that there is no link. You can't link this one to your website or content, but you can still put your info on the last slide so people know where to find you. It's a great way to share an idea and push you as the content creator! Pinterest really seems to like when these are shared.
Carousel Pins
  • These are similar to an idea pin as it's multiple images that you can click through, but you can add a link.
Product Pins
  • If you are a verified merchant on Pinterest, these product pins are the images from your product catalog. Say for example you have a shop on Shopify or WooCommerce; you will qualify for the verified merchant program. The requirements frequently change, but at the time of this podcast, you have to have about 10 products before Pinterest will sync to your catalog and people are able to shop your pins.
Is it worth strategizing to grow our following on Pinterest?

Nadalie has put zero effort into getting followers, and yet she has over 70,000 of them. This is because she has found that the best way to build followers is to be amazing on Pinterest and pin fantastic content. Someone is going to click that follow button when they want to see more of what you're sharing.

What is working on Pinterest right now?

Nadalie's answer is super unique! Her secret Pinterest strategy is seasonal content! Right now, people are searching Pinterest for summer content; Summer vacations, barbecues, Summer outfits, summer business promotions, beach day snacks, and the list goes on.

Many bloggers fear the summer slump, but Nadalie has found that seasonal content can totally change the game. She will go more into detail in her upcoming masterclass with Bree, but seasonal content can drastically increase your clicks. We will always love evergreen content, that can be shared over and over at any time. Think about how you use Pinterest; when you see a pin that can be used any time, the urgency to click it is a bit different than perhaps what is there when you come across a pin with a limited time frame for application!

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • It's important to collect content, but also memories for ourselves!
  • How to use Idea pins to gain traction on Pinterest
  • How to get your first 100 followers on Pinterest
  • Pinterest pays attention to engagement!
  • Increasing your stats during slow times
  • How much time do we need to spend on Pinterest a week or month to see success?
  • How long does it take to see success with Pinterest?
  • More details about the class on May 24th!


Resources Mentioned

More about Nadalie Bardo:

Nadalie is a Pinterest coach dedicated to helping people slay their goals in blogging and business! In 2016 Nadalie was working a nine-to-five job, and feeling very unfulfilled. Her decision to start a blog took her on an amazing journey of learning about Pinterest that completely transformed her life. Today she is teaching people all over the world how to gain traffic and make sales, using the power of Pinterest strategy.


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