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Episode 144 | How to Handle Societal Crisis as a Blogger & Influencer

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Social Media Crisis Response Plan

As a blogger and influencer, you have a voice and people that will see your content and look to you during times of crisis. With the recent shootings in 2022, the War in Ukraine, and everything we have been dealing with as a society over the past few years, it can feel like there is something new every day. So how do we handle this? What do we say on social media in times of crisis?

We wrote a blog post on this in 2020 but wanted to record a podcast for you to have an additional resource to reference during heavy times.

Please know that you are not alone. You are heard, seen, loved, appreciated, and needed in this world. Your voice matters and your mental health is important. Take care of yourself, and reach out if you need to talk.

Social Media Crisis Examples
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"Social issues are arising more frequently than ever. With everyone having different opinions and ways of expressing frustration, it’s easy to want to hide under a rock or continue on with your daily life. However, as a blogger with a platform, how should we go about handling a societal crisis?"

Discussed in this episode...

  • What is a societal crisis?
  • What should I do during a societal crisis?
  • What should I say during a societal crisis?
  • The blog post we wrote in 2020 on this very topic, with these points written out in detail.

Resources Mentioned


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