Episode 149 | Growing your TikTok Audience with Amanda Reeder

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Grow your audience and your income on TikTok!

If TikTok or affiliate sales are things you're wanting to work on this year then hang on, this episode is going to be loaded with advice! Amanda Reeder has been steadily growing her blog, and was actually a member of the Profitable Blogger Society until she made the switch to join Shift! It has been so incredible to watch her grow her brand and find massive success over the last year. Today we're talking about how she not only grew her audience but her income with an effective strategy.

Growing your Tiktok audience

"People get so hung up on followers and engagement and all the things, and I'm like, "cool, but what's paying my bills?" Do you know what I mean? You've gotta get back to the "I need to feed my family". So what's gonna feed my family? Viral content, or the 6000 people that are committed to my account? I'm gonna take the 6000!"

Discussed in this episode...

What are some key things that helped Amanda be successful?

Amanda treats this as a business and believes in investing in that business! Her background in education also helped her to already have a mindset of professional development, and she has invested in education from the very beginning. As a result, she's had guidance all along that way that has helped her quickly get to a profitable place with her brand!

Is there a strategy that will grow my following on TikTok?

Amanda really focuses on talking to her audience. She wants to be talking to people and connecting with her audience in a meaningful way. We all learned the value of connection over the last couple of years, and how helpful even an internet connection can be.

With that in mind, Amanda's mindset around her Tik Tok is to connect with her audience like she would with a friend. When she's talking, it's like she's sharing with a friend. She also grabs the attention of her target audience by sharing quickly, at the start of every video, what she's about and what the topic of the video is. For instance, she's "a size 16 curvy girl. And today we're trying on summer dresses from Target!"

How do we actually leverage our followers to make money?

We've all heard the phrase "link in my bio" many times, but Amanda can attest to the success of this! She is continually reminding her followers to click the link in her bio to buy the items she's talking about in each video, and it has exploded her income in the last year! Her payout with Liketoknowit, and from her Amazon storefront, has increased more than 10x in less than a year.

Honing in on email subscribers is also a game changer. Any time Amanda is talking about something on TikTok where she would like her audience to stay with her, she directs them to her newsletter.

Another huge thing has been strategically pinning certain videos to the top of her feed. Many people will pin their top-performing videos, but what Amanda has found to be most beneficial is to use those pinned videos as training videos. In those top videos, she shares how to shop her posts, how to sign up for her newsletter, and how to find and follow her on Instagram!

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • Why Amanda doesn't believe the hype around trending sounds
  • How to grow a following that converts into income
  • What does Amanda's posting schedule look like?
  • What is really working for Amanda when it comes to her affiliate strategy?
  • What drives Amanda to keep going and grow her brand?
  • How has education helped her on her journey?

Resources Mentioned

More about Amanda Reeder:

Amanda, the founder of Pretty Little Style Blog, is a fashion + lifestyle blogger from Nashville, TN. She is a fun, bright-colored loving girl who doesn’t take life too seriously. Her goal is to help women feel confident one outfit at a time and believes happiness never goes out of style. She doesn’t know a stranger and loves to encourage all mommas that it is okay to be more than a momma! She is a firm believer in self-care and the treat yourself philosophy.


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