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Episode 151 | Small Steps for Consistency with Alisha Donnell

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Don't Underestimate the Small Things!

Tune in as Bree chats with Alisha Donnell about staying consistent, managing things when you have a lot on your plate (she was in full-time nursing school and growing her brand at the same time!) and why sometimes you need to just post things that are fun and creative!


"When you also post consistently on a daily basis, you're able to better gauge what content performs well, and what doesn't. And in turn, you can gain a better understanding of your audience and what they want. I think it creates better interaction as well."

How do we fight perfectionism in our content creation?

First of all, it's super hard to reach your idea of perfection when you're just starting out. It's so easy to look at other creators and think that their content is perfect, and put your content down. We all have those moments! You really just have to be patient and kind to yourself and remember that you are your own worst critic.

Alisha's simple secret:

This one is hugely underrated but can be so powerful if utilized well! Alisha is a big believer in physically writing out a list. She will always rank it based on priority, which allows her to visualize the tasks she needs to complete. This goes for daily tasks or weekly tasks, projects, or whatever it may be. If your mental to-do list is swirling around your head, get it out on paper!

Sometimes it's the "boring" things that are life-changing!

Alisha will be the first to tell you that building a successful brand is "simpler" than it sounds. Now, it does take consistency and hard work, but you probably already have access to all you really need. Some of her favorite tools are ones we all use: Google sheets and docs, Canva for graphics, Lightroom for editing photos, and her notes app on her phone!

Don't forget to have fun!

The goal of building a brand is to be doing something that you love, right? Yes, we need to be consistent. Yes, we need to create engaging content. But passion should be driving what you're doing. We need to figure out what works for our brain and allow ourselves to find places to express our creativity. There is something so important about giving yourself space to be creative and spontaneous; even in your brand!

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More about Alisha Donnell:

Alisha Donnell Alisha is a bright-eyed fashion and beauty content creator who focuses on elevated everyday outfits for petite gals. Three words to describe her style are chic, effortless, and comfortable. She is always ready for what life brings including career changes. Departing from her previous degree in public relations, she is currently in nursing school to obtain her BSN. Alisha is embracing this new journey while having fun sharing every bit of it!

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