Episode 157 | Why You Need to Diversify with Rudi Berry

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Diversify your Audience and Income!

What happens if we put all our eggs in one social media basket, and then get frustrated time after time with the algorithm? Tune in as Bree chats with Rudi Berry about the algorithm, diversifying your audience and income, and how to strategize for the future with ever-changing social media platforms.

Why You Need to Diversify with Rudi Berry

"When apps change over time, it's not necessarily always because someone at TikTok is like, "let's make this the thing to do now". It could just be that people are more interested in long-form content, short-form, content, whatever, is going to keep someone's attention - and that changes!"

What do you do when you start to get frustrated by the algorithm?

I think there are two things. One is not constantly blaming something else, or blaming a third party for when things go wrong.

When apps change over time, it's not necessarily always because someone at TikTok has decided "this is the thing to do". It could just be that people are more interested in long-form content, or short-form content, whatever is going to keep someone's attention has a tendency to change. When you're making content, and you're doing it at 15 seconds, and then that doesn't perform anymore, it's not necessarily something that you need to blame on the algorithm or yourself. It's a good opportunity though to stop and ask yourself, "how can I do what I'm doing in a different way?" Pay attention to whatever the app is telling you to do, or whatever the new feature is.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you change as well! As you change and grow, and your interests shift, you have the freedom to include your changing interests in the content you share! Rather than focusing on the algorithm change in a negative way, be grateful for the flexibility that an ever-changing platform and audience gives you.

Why should we focus on diversifying our platforms?

In diversifying, Rudi has really tried to stay somewhat active on the big three - Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube, even though it can be difficult. Because at any time and for any reason, Tick tock may go away. That's a crazy thing to say but it's a very touch-and-go app. There are far too many creators who have had their accounts removed for no reason at all and with no way to get them back. If TikTok is the only thing she was on, she could lose her business at any moment. So long-term brand stability is her motivation to build a community on three separate platforms.

Advice for someone starting a new Youtube channel.

Create searchable content! A lot of people love instant gratification when it comes to what they're posting. But creating searchable content, before you start diving into who you are and daily vlogs, will help to set you up for success. Daily vlogs aren't nearly as searchable as a review for mascara. Because if I'm a consumer and I want to search "Essence lash princess", and your video comes up, I'm gonna watch it! And that may lead me into finding your vlogs down the line. When you are essentially at zero followers,  creating searchable content is Rudi's number one advice!

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • How to incorporate new content into your "tried and true" material
  • Managing expectations with brands
  • Why Youtube is Rudi's favorite platform
  • The value of creating searchable content
  • What can we focus on as platforms change?
  • A realistic way to start on Youtube

Resources Mentioned

More about Rudi:

Rudi Berry is a 28-year-old based out of Nashville who has spent the last 15 years perfecting the beauty and skincare of someone with oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. She shares her journey with her followers as well as her makeup favorites, fashion picks, and lifestyle content. Her mission is to bring people together and simplify the craziness that can be the social media beauty space!


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