Episode 159 | Free Pinterest Bootcamp ๐ŸŽ‰ with Nadalie Bardo

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Don't Miss Out on our Free Pinterest Bootcamp!

Today we have a familiar face joining us again! Our Pinterest bestie is back!! Nadalie Bardo is the queen of Pinterest, and we have something special to share with you guys today, that we had to record an episode to tell you all about it.ย 

Pinterest Challenge

"Do what's comfortable for you. The magic number is whatever you can stick with consistently. And I'm not just saying for 30 days; I'm saying 365! What can you do and not get overwhelmed with?"

What is one thing we should focus on if we've been neglecting our Pinterest for a while?

Post consistently! If you have ghosted Pinterest, don't sweat it! Nadalie would just encourage you to design about 30 pins for your content. Whether you have five blog posts and you make pins six for each post, or you have 10 blog posts and you make three pins each; however the math works out, go design those pins, make them different, distinct and beautiful. And then just schedule them out one per day. You can absolutely just start by posting one pin a day. Consistency is KEY when it comes to Pinterest.

Is there a magical number of pins you should be pinning a day?

A lot of people right now are talking about 5 pins per day, but Nadalie has a different approach. You can get away with posting just one fresh pin a day, as long as it's a really great pin and it's targeting a really great keyword. Obviously, the magic number depends on how much content you have too! So, for example, Nadalie has over four hundred blog posts. She can pin a lot if she wanted to! But maybe you've only got ten podcast episodes, or fifteen YouTube videos, and how far you can stretch it is going to depend on how much content you have, and how many templates you have. So do what's comfortable for you.

The magic number is whatever you can stick with consistently. And we're not just talking about 30 days; we're talking about 365 days. What can you do, and not get overwhelmed? The magic number is what you can consistently commit to for the long term.

How many pins should we make for each blog post? And how far apart should you schedule those pins?

So typically, when Nadalie publishes a blog post, she's got her one primary image that is immediately pinned. If that first pin gets traction and people are showing interest, then she designs five more pins for that piece of content. Now, Nadalie publishes a lot of content. If, for example, you only publish one post a month, then she would suggest you design five or more pins for that content right away.

Two things to keep in mind with this though!

  1. You want to make sure every pin looks different. Make some longer, shorter, a different design. Keep each pin fresh and new!
  2. And only share the same link once every 8 days (more frequently can get your account flagged as spam)!

Resources Mentioned

More about Nadalie:

Nadalie is a Pinterest coach dedicated to helping people slay their goals in blogging and business! In 2016 Nadalie was working a nine-to-five job, and feeling very unfulfilled. Her decision to start a blog took her on an amazing journey of learning about Pinterest that completely transformed her life. Today she is teaching people all over the world how to gain traffic and make sales, using the power of Pinterest strategy.


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