Episode 160 | Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your Email List

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Grow Your Email List with these Opt-In ideas!

Today we're diving into one of our favorite topics; growing your email list! We're covering everything from why we want to grow our email list, to what even is an opt-in? We're also sharing a ton of opt-in ideas that apply to a whole bunch of niches! If you've ever felt stuck on what to offer as an opt-in, this is an episode you don't want to miss! Our hope is that by the end of this, you will have a few opt-in ideas that you're going to want to go and create right away!

Episode 160 | Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your Email List

"That's why we want to start with SEO! Because when you make this opt-in, yes of course, I want your audience to say an immediate "Yes" whenever you share it. But I also want it to have legs! I want people to find you that have never heard of you before, from Pinterest, from Google, all these places."

Discussed in this episode...

A question we see all the time, is "what could I offer as an opt-in". Today we're sharing the mother-of-all idea lists with you, with things that can apply to all kinds of niches!

First, Ideas That Will Work for any Niche at all!
  • You could share something as simple as a printable inspirational or a funny quote. It could be something that your audience would want to put in their office, stick in their notebook, or put on their mirror or their fridge.
  • Access to a VIP Facebook group.
  • An exclusive video series. Maybe you teach something, where you could film some quick little videos or some hacks that you want to share, and you could release it in an email series!
    • You can host the video on YouTube for free. You could host it on your website. And you could send them let's say it's three hacks and so you could send them one a day for three days in a row.
  • A cheat sheet for something within your niche
  • A list of your favorite Pinterest boards.
  • A giveaway!
Now, Some Ideas for Specific Niches!
  • You could offer a download! This could be for so many things!
  • An exclusive list of the next season's trends. (This is something that you could repeat four times a year with different trends that are coming up for this season.)
  • How to dress for your body type.
  • Five ways to style X; maybe it's a maxi dress, a white button-up, or flare jeans, the possibilities are endless!
  • You could do a quiz!
  • A tutorial, a little printable, or an ebook on what eye shadow to use with your eye color.
  • You could create a resource library for your favorite products, or your best natural products.
  • Five best hair tutorial round up.
  • An ultimate guide to great skin.
  • You could also make a beauty quiz! (Can you tell we're loving quizzes right now?!)
Food Blogger
  • You could do a grocery list printable
  • A meal plan printable.
  • You could do a wine or beer pairing cheat sheet.
  • Five cocktail recipes for any meal.
  • Five ways to cook X. (This could be specific meat, vegetable, almond flour, oat milk, anything at all!)
  • A list of fun National Days!
  • You could share a list of the top 10 apps to organize your life.
  • A guide on how to become a morning person
  • A beginner's guide to meditation
  • 10 ways to be a better friend.
  • Maybe host a challenge to organize your home in 30 days.
  • A map of the city you just visited, marked with your favorite stops
  • An interactive PDF travel guide, with links to recommendations
    • (Quick note! If you do any type of interactive PDF, you can include affiliate links to different things!)
  • Road trip games to play in the car
  • Tips for surviving an international flight
  • A road trip playlist! (Once they sign up you send them a link to a Spotify playlist)
  • You could share a custom chore chart.
  • Maybe a traveling checklist for kids.
  • Car organization ideas
  • A bucket list for every season
  • A custom babysitter guide (this could be a cute printable where parents can write emergency numbers and instructions, and serve as a reminder of all the things they need to tell the babysitter.)
  • 50 Kid approved school lunch ideas.
DIY and Crafting
  • A list of 10 tools every DIYer must have.
  • A printable list for future projects for your house.
  • You could also do a really fun ebook or an email series of "if I had all the time in the world, this is what I would change in my house".
  • A list of how to prep your home for a major DIY
  • Or another fun email series of "five times I needed to call in a professional".

All right, so there's a whole bunch of ideas for you! We really hope take these ideas and run with them, and keep growing your email list!

Also Discussed:
  • What is an opt-in?
  • Why do we want to grow our email list?
  • What does SEO have to do with an opt-in?
  • Where do we share our opt-in?


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