Episode 162 | When Should I Post Holiday Content? with Bree Pair

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A Guide on Timing for Holiday Content!

Fall is officially here, and the holiday season is fast approaching! So when is the best time to start circulating all our holiday content? Today we're diving into it! In this quick episode, Bree breaks down the best times to share content relating to each holiday, as well as ways to set yourself up months in advance for a successful season!

When Should I Post Holiday Content?

"Take all of your blog posts from last year, and the previous years, and get them circulating as fast as you can. Because if you need to go in and update SEO, if you didn't do the keywords last year, you need to go and do it now. Update your meta description and your title in the Yoast plugin, and then go get those fresh pins circulating. We can still capitalize on things that we did last year!"

Discussed in this episode...

Are You Doing Your Keyword Research?

Don't just throw any old blog post up, with any old keywords, any old titles, and any old descriptions. That is just a shot in the dark! If you're not doing keyword research for your blog posts and for Pinterest, then you don't necessarily stand a chance of having your content get picked up organically. What I mean by that is that unfortunately, nobody is going to see your content unless you're handing them the direct link. We don't want that! You're putting so much work into this content, we want it to circulate!

Pinterest can take up to three months to start circulating. SEO can take longer or shorter depending on a couple of factors; if you have a better domain authority and if you're already getting some posts on the first pages of Google. If you're using a keyword tool to find keywords that are low competition, and at about 1000 searches per month, then you can potentially rank in the next two weeks to three months! It is still 100% possible.

A Quick Guide to When to Post Holiday Content

Go crazy for fall! I know we're at the end of September now, but go crazy for fall. You can start posting Halloween!


All the fall, all the Halloween, and starting Thanksgiving posts because we want those to circulate! We're planning our Thanksgivings by the beginning of November, so in order to have your post ranking in time, you want to start posting Thanksgiving content in November!


You can still post your Thanksgiving stuff, but now is also when you'll want to post any Christmas and Hanukkah things!


You can still post the Christmas things! Go ahead and post Hanukkah things, depending on when that lands, and New Year content! New Year's parties, New Year's resolutions, all of the things that come with January.

It's never really too early to start getting those blog posts up and starting circulating on Pinterest and on Google. If you're feeling like you've missed the ball though, I want to encourage you that it's never too late! Maybe you're late for this year, but if you still share the content it's setting you up for success the following year!


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