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Episode 163 | Social Media Changes for the Better with Carobi Parada

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There are Some Social Media Changes to Celebrate!

Today we're chatting with the amazing Carobi Parada; a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer! We're having a super honest conversation about the state of social media lately, showing your true self online, and body positivity in an online space where it can be intimidating to put yourself out there!

Social Media Changes for the Better

"I'm really happy that it's more authentic! I see so many people that look like me, when before I was following all these IG baddies that I will probably never look like. And they're great! They're beautiful. Everything is just not me. So I'm happy that there's so many communities for so many different people. Whether it's the farm life, the plus size, the podcasters, you know? There's so many and it makes me happy because you never know where you're gonna end up!"

Discussed in this episode...

What are Some Good Changes on Social Media Lately?

One of the best shifts we've seen lately is that there's no cookie-cutter anymore! When we started out the videos were all so uniform and formal, and "perfect". Now it's fun and authentic and feels like we're seeing the real side of people! We're seeing communities for so many different people; the farm life community, the plus size, the podcast, it's limitless! It's so much fun because you never know where you're gonna end up.

Some of Carobi's Content Creation Tips

Carobi focuses on doing 10 to 15 videos a week. It doesn't really matter as much to her how she structures it (five videos one day, two another day, and one another day) she just focuses on hitting that 10 - 15 videos a week threshold.

Something that she has noticed, and isn't sure if it's accurate, is that the longer a video sits in her drafts the lower the views seem to be once it's posted. It's something she's watching and not sure how it's possible, but she tries to keep it to 3 days or less that a video sits in her drafts.

What Helped Carobi Love Her Body?

The biggest thing for her was to just stop hiding. Carobi faced this one almost in a backward way. Baby step by baby step, she would show more of something she was insecure about, online, and then because she was putting herself out there more online she was able to show herself in the real world. She stopped hiding behind clothes that covered the things she hadn't learned to love yet.

The reality is, this is the body we have. We should be showing it love and appreciating what it does for us. Something Carobi purposed to do was to stop calling her body hurtful things. It can be so easy to look in the mirror and say mean things; so she made a conscious effort to stop doing just that. Something amazing happens when you stop feeding the negativity and start appreciating your body!

Carobi's Advice for Someone who is Afraid to Show Their Personality Online?

Her main advice would be to weigh out the pros and the cons. Being a plus size creator is not easy, and putting herself and her body out there is definitely not easy. But the pros are so much more! The people who may be negative don't ultimately matter and you will probably never meet them in real life. And if they're in your circle, and they're judging you, then they probably shouldn't be in your circle. If the benefits outweigh the negatives, then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot! And if you're struggling with putting yourself out there, start with baby steps! Little by little, put yourself out there and you'll see that it's definitely better than not doing it!

Also Discussed:
  • Why Carobi doesn't really have a "hook" that she starts every TikTok with
  • Carobi's favorite platform for connecting with her audience
  • The importance of being yourself online
  • Taking the pressure of perfection off yourself to make content creation easier
  • Carobi's tips for sharing products without sounding sales-y
  • Advice for dealing with negative comments


Resources Mentioned

More about Carobi:

Carobi Parada is plus-size beauty and fashion influencer, sharing her life on Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Youtube.


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