Episode 169 | Niching, Analytics, and Paris! with Meghan Donovan

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How Analytics Can Change Everything!

Meghan Donovan joins Bree to chat about how she's grown her brand and created a second one thanks to knowing how to read her analytics! She's also niched down to all things Paris while she lives in the US, and they discuss how she's been able to do so without living abroad and keep growing her brand while being so busy.


"I grew up in this traditional sense where you have to have one career, and you're on that path until you retire. And I really love the feeling that there is no one path and that you can consistently dream and decide, "what am I going to do next?" And I think it's just, you know, determining, like, how hard do you want to work for it? And how are you going to seek that inspiration?"

Discussed in this episode...

How has really diving into Analytics helped Meghan?

At first, Meghan was kind of scared of analytics. She didn't really understand how to use Google analytics until she took a free course on it. Around that time Meghan also invested in an SEO consultant who helps her create topics and determine what she should be writing about. Both of those things were super helpful in understanding where people were landing on her blog. She found that she had a lot of posts that people were seeing that had dead links because the products were out of date.

Once you've been blogging for a while there will be posts that need to be updated, and links that need to be refreshed every so often. Republishing old content with the necessary updates made a massive difference in Meghan's business; both in revenue and site traffic. Once she stopped being scared of SEO and analytics, sat down, and really understood it, it gave her the momentum she had always been looking for.

Why did Meghan choose to build Paris Perfected as a business separate from her blog?

She felt it was important that they live separately because Paris Perfected is a sales business. With Paris Perfected she is selling products, whereas Wit and Whimsy's content is much more about discoverability. If someone lands on parisperfected.com she wants it to feel extremely travel-oriented, with its own URL and unique site.

It has helped her from a credibility standpoint too when she works with hotel partners for instance. She can sometimes get her clients perks like a welcome gift of a free breakfast at certain properties, and she wanted to have the feeling of authority that the site gives when reaching out to various travel partners. If she had built everything under Wit and Whimsy she could run into people assuming she was just a blogger trying to do this for fun.


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Also Discussed:
  • How Meghan is able to continuously post Paris content when she doesn't live there.
  • How relevant is a blog in this day and age?
  • A life lesson that Paris has taught Meghan
  • When is it time to invest in a professional SEO service?

Resources Mentioned

More about Meghan:

Meghan Donovan is the author of lifestyle site wit & whimsy and Paris, Perfected. She has traveled to Paris more than anywhere else in the world. Meghan first visited Paris as a child and fell in love with the City of Lights only to return over the years before living there for four months in 2005. Nowadays, she travels every year from her home in New York to Paris to scope out the city’s best-hidden gems, newest restaurants, favorite haunts for locals, and more. Meghan created Paris, Perfected to share the best of Paris with her clients. Whether you’re visiting Paris for the first time, have been many times, or have special, specific requests for your upcoming trip, Meghan will work closely with you to ensure you get the very best recommendations for your time in Paris. With over 300 trips booked since July 2019 and glowing testimonials to boot - Paris, Perfected is the way to experience Paris at its best.

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