Episode 170 | End of the Year Reporting You Need with Bree Pair

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Let's review our 2022!

It's the beginning of December, the end of the year, and Bree has some homework for you! Don't just end this year and say "on to the next!" In this episode, Bree walks you through how to do an End of the Year Report like a boss! Plus, you can get the accompanying PDF of this report for FREE! Just head to thrivetogether.blog/report to download your copy so you can follow along.

End of the Year Reporting You Need

"What do you want your day as your weeks, your years to look like? What brings you joy, what brings you happiness? Because the goal of this step is to understand that how we live our lives, and the happiness that we experienced day to day affects our business."

Discussed in this episode...

Step 1: The Data

When we look at how certain platforms are working and look at the income generated from those platforms we can then make informed decisions about what needs our attention in the future—and what might need to change.

Look at all the platforms you've used over the last 12 months, even if you only used them for part of the time.

  • Which platforms performed better than you expected?
  • Which platforms performed worse than you wanted?
  • What worked and help you grow on your top platform?
  • Are there any platforms you need to change your strategy on? If so, which ones?
  • After looking at the data what worked well, and what do you need to re-think for the next year?
Step 2: Reflections

The goal is to look back at previous goals and intentions, and understand how the business performed.

By doing this, we'll learn from our past, be able to double down on what worked, and break patterns that are holding us back or draining resources unnecessarily.

  • What were your goals for the last year?
  • Which goals did you achieve?
  • Which goals did you not achieve?
  • What helped you achieve your goals?
  • What didn't work or held you back from achieving your goals?
  • What changes do you want to make moving forward based on evaluating these goals?
Step 3: Opportunities

You want to recognize ideas and opportunities that are around you, so you can strategically decide what should have your attention.

Now that we've evaluated the data and the past year's goals, we're going to look at what opportunities await us in the new year that we want to include in the strategic plans for our business.

  • What are ideas you've had over this year that you haven't had the opportunity to focus on?
  • What are opportunities you're seeing in the industry that you might want to incorporate?
  • What are the opportunities you're seeing to grow your relationship with your own community?
  • Where do you think you need to focus to increase your income in the next year?
  • What opportunities are you leaving on the table, and do you think they should be added to your strategy in the next 12 months? Or should they stay on your idea list?
Step 4: Life Goals

It's super important to understand that how we live our lives and the happiness that we experience day to day affects our business!

If we do not evaluate how we are living our lives, we are risking burnout, and sacrificing freedom and flexibility to stay on a content creation hamster wheel. So, let's evaluate!

  • How have you felt mentally this past year?
  • How have you felt physically this past year?
  • What did you do to take care of yourself?
  • Did you work more or less than you wanted to this year? Why?
  • What does your ideal day, week, year look like?
Step 5: Vision Casting

Take time to dream and intentionally craft a vision for your life and business that sets the stage for impactful business strategizing!

It can be easy to jump into tasks and create plans, but before we do that, let's set the stage. On a deeper level, what do we truly want for the next year, the next 5 years, the next 10 years? Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint, so let's set ourselves up for the journey.

  • Success in a word feels like?
  • Success in my life means that:
  • This time next year, success will look like…
  • What is currently helping you achieve that vision of success?
  • What is holding you back from achieving that vision of success?
  • What changes do you need to make in order to move closer to building a business and a life that you love?
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More about Bree:

Bree Pair is a blogging coach and founder of Thrive - A blogging community built to empower and educate bloggers to make a full-time income by spending time on the right things. Her passion is helping bloggers create a strategy for growth and working with them on every side of their business to give them the confidence they need to be successful. Bree is propelled by the results of seeing bloggers go from overwhelmed to steady and sustained growth and creating the lifestyle they want.

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