Episode 171 | Permission to Take Time Off with Bree Pair

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Enjoy Your Holidays - Take Time for Yourself!

Do you have a hard time stopping work, and feel like you're missing out if you aren't hustling? In this episode, Bree talks about the advantages of taking time off this holiday season, and how she's doing it as a boss CEO move! 


"This is a marathon, not a sprint; this world of entrepreneurship. And that means that you get to take time for yourself to do self-care to recover. So that way you can have a long performance with this amazing brand that you're building."

Discussed in this episode...

Take Some Time Off!

What are you doing in December? Bree personally always takes the last two weeks of the year completely off. She doesn't work and she totally unplugs!  She's excited to wake up in the morning and turn on a Christmas movie while enjoying her coffee. It's simple, but setting those boundaries for herself and disconnecting can be so powerful! By setting boundaries she is going to be able to show up as a better content creator, a better coach, and a better CEO for her business by allowing herself to have time off.

We're here to encourage you, if you haven't decided yet which days you're taking off this month, to do that right now. Take a minute to look at your calendar and take at least 5 days away from work this month. You need a break where you're not hustling to show up on social, you're not logging in on your computer, and you're letting your brain just be. Because friends, there is something powerful that happens when we give ourselves space!

Quick Reminder!

If you have not done your year-end report, that's part of your homework for today!! Print it out or grab your iPad, sit with a coffee or a holiday cocktail, and make some time to fill it out over the next couple of weeks!

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More about Bree:

Bree Pair is a blogging coach and founder of Thrive - A blogging community built to empower and educate bloggers to make a full-time income by spending time on the right things. Her passion is helping bloggers create a strategy for growth and working with them on every side of their business to give them the confidence they need to be successful. Bree is propelled by the results of seeing bloggers go from overwhelmed to steady and sustained growth and creating the lifestyle they want.

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