Episode 175 | Getting Paid as Bloggers & Influencers with Lissette Calveiro

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Get Paid What You're Worth!

Let's make that money! We are all ready to make more money in 2023 and who better to have this conversation with Bree than Lissette Calveiro?! Lissette has experience both as a content creator and on the other side, as a brand working with an ad agency! So Bree asks her all the questions you'd want to know about working with brands and getting paid what you're worth, and some of these answers will both surprise and motivate you!

Getting Paid as Bloggers & Influencers

"Before mainstream social media influencers existed, we were hiring people to create content for us, we were hiring photographers, videographers, and at the end of the day, that follower count, all it really means is the number of people who at some point saw my page thought it was interesting clicked follow, it doesn't mean or doesn't define my experiences, my resources, my time and everything that really goes into a partnership"

Discussed in this episode...

How Can We Build Trust Online?

Interestingly enough, from the brand side experience, Lissette has worked with creators who have a million followers and creators who have 10,000 followers. And sometimes it was the people with smaller communities that gave better results! Some of the smaller creators had a more trusted, tight, and engaged community. And this is not just about engagement rate; unfortunately these days, anyone can buy likes and spam comments. You can be in comment pods, where you're just forced to comment on each other's page. Brands are looking for someone whose audience will engage or purchase from a brand because of your recommendation. Brands want to know, are people thinking about our brand because of you? Are they aligning with our brand because of you? That is super important!

The best way for you to start building that trusted community is to figure out who you actually want to talk to. Who is that person? What are their pain points? Do you know what excites them and what are some things that they may be searching for? Can you make content with them in mind? If you don't have those answers ready, that's the perfect place for you to start!

The second thing to keep in mind is that people want to connect with real people! No matter what you're creating, writing, or anything, we want to get to know you! Start inserting stories of you and your day-to-day life. We're all probably doing the same thing that you are: sitting home on the couch. The thing is though, we all love to see that. Who are you offline? People want to see that you're a real person behind the screen!

How Should We Negotiate with Brands That Don't Offer Much?

First of all, you have to know where you win. It's hard to negotiate if you don't understand your own analytics, and your own qualitative wins as well. There are a lot of creators who are actually professional content creators before they go on the internet! You have the equipment, you have the resources, and you have the experience to actually raise your rates. And that's an easy way to start the negotiation, beyond follower count, engagement, etc.

When Lissette started really monetizing with brands she was very open that she had a marketing and storytelling background. When she would negotiate she would say "just so you know, my rate is also inclusive of my expertise. I've been working in this space for X amount of years, and I can make a really good ad." And people said yes, no questions asked. So really thinking about where you win is one!

It's also easier to stand up and advocate for yourself when you know what the brand is actually looking for. Not every creator goes into this with marketing experience, so some won't think to ask, but if you just go in and say, "Hey, before I share my rate, can you give me a little bit more about your goals? Why you reached out to me?" From there, they might reveal things that help your negotiation.


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Also Discussed:
  • Blogging takes time!
  • How to partner with brands
  • Remembering that the person reaching out on behalf of a brand is a human being!
  • Insider knowledge of some of the largest agencies in the world
  • Tips for getting in front of brands or on their radar
  • Why is it reasonable for even small creators to ask for payment?
  • How has coaching changed Lissette's business?

Resources Mentioned

More about Lissette:

Lissette is a Latina digital entrepreneur living between Denver & New York City as an influencer marketing consultant to Fortune 500 brands, social media content creator, and business coach for influencers & personal brands looking to master social media from a more human lens.

Her decade-long expertise as both influencer marketer and creator has been featured across publications including Business Insider, New York Magazine, CNBC, and Good Morning America; and as a featured speaker on the stages of Create & Cultivate’s Small Business Summit and Later Media’s #LaterCon.

She was named a Top 10 Social Media Coach by Yahoo!, and received a Shorty Award for her influencer campaign work.

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