Episode 182 | Pinterest Plan to Grow Your Page Views with Bree Pair

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Grow Your Page Views with Pinterest

We are seeing BIG results from blogging babes in our community where Pinterest is driving traffic to their blogs in a big way! So in this episode, Bree is helping you make a plan to up your Pinterest game and start seeing your page views grow as a result! 

Pinterest Plan to Grow Your Page Views

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"Just like you want to implement amazing SEO on your blog, it's also a really brilliant idea to implement a Pinterest strategy on your blog to grow your page views! Page views are something that you want to focus on for driving that passive income and all the things, right? Pinterest is a great, great tool to help you achieve that goal."

Discussed in this episode...

How to Do Keyword Research on Pinterest

Just like with Google, keywords matter for Pinterest! If you want to take one thing away from this, it's that you need to invest your time into researching and implementing keywords on Pinterest in order to get traffic there! Check out the full episode we did on how to find Pinterest keywords in Episode 128.

When looking at Pinterest keywords you want to search for ads. Don't worry, you don't have to make an ad! But you can pretend like you're making one.

First you'll to create an ad and fill out the info. Don't worry, you don't have to pay for anything! But fill it out and click "continue" until you get to the interest and keywords area. Here, you'll click "enable", add your keywords, and type your keyword into the search bar for additional suggestions. And then write down those keywords!

Where to place Pinterest Keywords

So where do you place these keywords you've just found? The whole point of this (just like with Google SEO), is that by utilizing the right keywords people are finding your blog and visiting it.

You're going to want to put your keywords in your Pin Title and in your Pin Description. Don't skip optimizing your profile either, by putting keywords related to your niche within your bio. Definitely write for your audience, but use keywords for SEO!

You also want to optimize your boards. You'll want a board description for every single one of your boards, as well as keywords within the title of your board. (Tip: If you have boards that are irrelevant to your niche you can make them secret boards.)

What size to Make Your Pins!

Static Pin: 2:3 Ratio or 1000x1500 pixels

Video Pin: 2:3 Ratio (1000x1500 pixels), 9:16 ratio (1080x1920 pixels), or 1:1 ratio (1000x1000 pixels)

Carousel Pin: 2:3 Ratio (1000x1500 pixels), or 1:1 ratio (1000x1000 pixels)

Idea Pin: 9:16 ratio (1080x1920 pixels)

Long Pin:  1:2.2 Ration (1000x2100 pixels)


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Resources Mentioned

More about Bree Pair:

Bree Pair is a blogging coach and founder of Thrive - A blogging community built to empower and educate bloggers to make a full-time income by spending time on the right things. Her passion is helping bloggers create a strategy for growth and working with them on every side of their business to give them the confidence they need to be successful. Bree is propelled by the results of seeing bloggers go from overwhelmed to steady and sustained growth and creating the lifestyle they want.

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