Episode 185 | Optimize Your Creativity by Working with Your Cycle with Berrion Berry

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It's Possible to Work WITH Your Cycle!

If you are someone with a period, this episode is going to be so valuable for you! In this episode, guest Berrion Berry, Founder of Optimize Your Flo, joins us! Berrion teaches female entrepreneurs and creatives how to increase productivity and profits using their menstrual cycle. Bree and Berry talk about how to optimize your creativity based on your cycle! It's such an awesome conversation that we are so excited to be bringing it to the podcast.

Optimize Your Creativity by Working with Your Cycle

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"We have to really slow it down and make it a little bit more of a pace. P.A.C.E. is an acronym that mirrors the four phases of your cycle. What I want you to think about when you're on your period, no matter what time of the month it is, really write down a plan and clarify your vision."

Discussed in this episode...

What does it mean to master our period?

Mastering your period means taking time to listen to your body and learn its language. Often, people don't know what their body is saying to them! Mastering your cycle is really identifying "this is my body, and this is what it's telling me". It's when we know that the chocolate craving we get once a month isn't because we actually want Snickers, it's because we need more vitamin D, calcium, and selenium.

To master your period is to the language of your body, what is it telling you, and how you can work with it rather than against it.

How can we set up our calendar to work with our period?

Berrion has learned that we have to really slow down and follow a P.A.C.E. This is an acronym that mirrors the four phases of your cycle.

Phase One

So first, plan. In phase one of our cycle, there is 25% more connectivity between the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Because of that, this phase is the perfect time to really write down a plan and clarify your vision. Plan out all the different brands you want to work with and the different content you want to create. Write down your pitch list and get a vision for how you want this month to go.

Phase Two

Then during the second phase of your cycle, the follicular phase, you are going to act. This is when we are going to take action and make this plan come to life. Don't just sit and write a goal out; execute it! Take the action! Nothing is more annoying than when we create a list of things we want to do, brands we want to partner with, and emails we want to send, and then we never take action on it.

Phase Three

In the third phase of your cycle, when you're ovulating, you want to create, communicate, and connect. Talk to people! This is capitalizing not only on how our hypothalamus and amygdala are larger and more active, but it's also capitalizing on a surge in our hormone levels. At this time of the month, our estrogen and testosterone levels are a bit higher, we're a bit more amped up, and we need to take advantage of it!

Phase Four

In the fourth phase, the luteal phase of your cycle, you're going to evaluate. What's working? What's not working? Take a look at what your analytics look like. What are your SOPs looking like?

The reason we do this during the fourth phase is that our prefrontal cortex (the part of our brain that's about attention and focus) begins to decrease in activity. Our brains go from being very allocentric (thinking about the external world and everyone else's needs) to more egocentric (focused on our needs).

To recap it all, two weeks of high external output and focused work, and then two weeks of lower-end, internally focused work. This will set you up for success!


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Also Discussed:
  • Some ways that we can make the week of our period more productive and less painful
  • Timing your work the week of your period
  • Communicating with women and men about your period
  • Planning your content for your cycle
  • Staying passionate about what you're doing

Resources Mentioned

More about Berrion Berry:

Berrion Berry is a Cycle Syncing Consultant, IHP (Integrative Health Practitioner), FAE (Fertility Awareness Educator) & the Founder of Optimize Your Flo. She teaches female entrepreneurs and creatives how to increase productivity and profits using their menstrual cycle. Her work has been featured in leading publications such as Shape Magazine, Thrive Global, and even on National Television shows like The Doctors. From hormone balancing and cycle syncing to mood enhancing and self-healing Berri covers it all and is excited to help you optimize your flo.


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