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Episode 187 | Live Blogger Coaching Session! with Brooke Bonnarigo

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Listen in on a Real Coaching Session!

In this episode, one of our gals from the Profitable Blogger Society, Brooke Bonnarigo, joins Bree for a LIVE coaching session! Listen in as they chat about creating an affiliate and social media strategy that will optimize her time and efforts—without feeling like she's running on fumes! 

Live Blogger Coaching Session!

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"Evaluate, like, what do I have time for right now? In this quarter? Taking it three months at a time throughout the year. What makes sense? Make sure you're keeping certain things priority, and not burning yourself out at the end of the day. Not putting too much on your plate to where you've overloaded yourself"

Discussed in this episode...

Affiliate Strategy

Before we coach someone through a new strategy, we need to know where they're at, and where they want to go. At the time of our conversation, Brooke was posting on LiketoKnowit about twice a week and four or five times on Instagram stories. Once a week she was doing "what's in my cart" posts, and occasionally updating her Amazon storefront.

One of the first things we asked was how much time does she have to add new things? This is super important to make sure the new plan is actionable!

Based on the time that Brooke has available, we suggested the following additions to her strategy:

Posting to LiketoKnowit every day, once and eventually twice a day.

A way to make this easier is to batch graphics. You could make a collage in Canva with five or six pieces in it. But then you can also take those items, and put each one into its own little Canva template, to have a total of six or seven things to post. These can all also be shared on Instagram stories

Amazon storefront.

Create a plan for updating your Amazon storefront regularly. This could be once a week, to add anything that you've also linked on LiketoKnowit, or maybe even just twice a month. But do what you can to keep it up-to-date. It's especially important to update it for anything that's extra seasonal and may be less interesting by the end of the month.

Instagram Story Strategy

When we talked, Brook was sharing more behind-the-scenes peek of things she was shooting and had been working on showing her face more in her stories. She had seen in her analytics that the stories she was talking more to the camera and that showed her face were by far the most popular

Based on that we suggested:

Share more of what you have around the house. Things on your bar car or things that you use consistently can easily be shared just by grabbing your phone and filming yourself talking about it. You don't even need to show your face, but your audience is still hearing your voice. Keep them quick little 15 to 30-second videos and then link them to Amazon. You can also upload those videos to LTK.

You could also go back through past reels and grab clips of the items you used, and share links for them. This would be perfect for a rainy day, or when you can't get new videos for that week. Go back through past videos, grab some clips, and then post throughout the week with the affiliate links to those products.

Also Discussed:
  • LiketoKnowit analytics and resources
  • The value of repetition and just practicing something you aren't initially good at
  • When to add a new thing to your strategy, and when to just improve what you're doing

Resources Mentioned

More about Brooke:

Lowcountry Gal Living in Florida
Making every hour a happy one with seasonal cocktails, recipes, and simple southern living!


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