Episode 188 | Your Updated Strategy for Working with Brands with Bree Pair

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Re-Analyzing Your Brand Strategy

If 2022 taught us anything, it's that we need to re-look at our strategy for how we're working with brands. In this episode, Bree walks you through 2 things brands want you to do, 3 keys to having a successful campaign, and one major tip for where you're leaving money on the table! 

Your Updated Strategy for Working with Brands

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"Early in building a brand, a common mistake is to try and be everything to everyone. Right? Like, "oh, I can do that, I can talk about this. I have some experience here. I like this." And we end up spreading ourselves so so thin. And not only is that a one-way ticket to exhaustion and burnout, but it's also not efficient."

Discussed in this episode...

Just starting to work with brands?

Don't just work with any brand that comes across your path if it is not a right fit for your audience! No matter how much money they're offering you! Before you even get started it is incredibly important for you to know what your story is and who your people are. Know your voice, how you speak to your followers, what topics you cover and what you leave off the table. Early in business, a common mistake is to try and be everything to everyone. Not only is this a one-way ticket to exhaustion, but it’s also not efficient. And over time it can lead to icky feelings of inauthenticity and confusion about what it is you’re actually trying to do. Spend quality time establishing a clear picture of your audience.

  • What does their life look like?
  • What do they like to buy?
  • Where do they go on vacation?
  • What makes their hearts feel on fire and what makes them cringe?

Once you know this, you know exactly what kind of products they’re looking for. If you know your crew is young and energetic, but rocking a just-barely-outa-college budget, maybe a collab with a high-dollar boutique isn’t your jam. Ultimately, when you know your audience, you’ll know exactly what’s best for them. Pursue those collaborations! Provide them with solutions to the problems you know they’re struggling with; send them to the products that will make them really freaking smile.

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind
Go above and beyond!

Now we say this with caution -- don't overdo it, but you want to make that brand super happy so they want to work with you again. So, what do you need to do to make that post perform super well? Do you need to share it more times than you initially agreed to, do you need to send an email out about it even if you didn't sign on to do that? If you get paid for a sponsored post, you want it to get a lot of views and engagement, so make that happen!

Follow Up

Even if it’s not something they require, you want to follow up with a golden report sharing the results. Since you put in the hard work of sharing the content you created, brag about it. Share the analytics reports, leads, and sales if you have an affiliate link, and even highlight top comments talking about the brand. Share anything with them that you know will make them happy to have worked with you.

Accept Feedback

Constructive criticism is good for growth! Learn from every single collaboration that you do, and you’ll be making bigger and better deals with each contract.

And finally, Where you're leaving money on the table with the brand you just worked with...

So you just finished a campaign and it went super well! Huzzah! The brand is happy, you're happy, your audience is happy, and it's a win-win-win situation.

Now, did you ask that brand how you can work together again? If you don’t ask for the next opportunity, it might not come. If they say nothing at the moment, ask when a good time to follow up would be. Keep in mind, that could be a month or two in the future, don’t be discouraged! Just write it down in your planner, and follow up when the time is right.

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