Episode 194 |  LIVE Coaching: Setting a Realistic Content Strategy with Brittany Hutchinson

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Behind the Scenes on a Coaching Session!

This is another fun episode where you get to listen in on a LIVE coaching session! Brittany Hutchison, the blogger at White and Wood Grain, is a member of the Profitable Blogger Society. She and Bree work together to create a realistic content creation plan and repurposing strategy so she will be able to have more focus and fulfillment while growing her brand! 

LIVE Coaching: Setting a Realistic Content Strategy

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"I totally understand! We all get sucked into social media, especially when we're tired and "procrastinate scrolling". I did so well for so long, I had great boundaries, and then I got off kilter again. It's about going back and reminding yourself that there is time that you can allow yourself to scroll. You need to decide what those boundaries are going to be for you, and when you're going to do it. And when you're not going to do it."

Discussed in this episode...

Brittany had been a member of the Profitable Blogger Society for several months at the time of this recording and was really needing to shift something when it came to social media. It can be tough to figure out the right way to approach social media and she had been feeling like even though she spent a lot of time on the platforms it wasn't moving her forward. Plus it was taking too much time from the other things she needed to be doing in her blogging business.

If you want to be successful in business, it really requires putting blinders on and not getting pulled into unnecessary things. A good place to start when figuring out what to start at the heart of your business. Why did you want to start your blog in the first place? What is the "why" behind what you're doing? Why do you want to grow this and make more money?

So are some of the things we talk through to help Brittany create a solid plan:

Starting with the blog and then looking at what the branches are from there.

For Brittany, the core of everything is the blog. So naturally, we want to start there first. A main focus is getting more people to her blog, which meant really honing in on her keyword research and SEO.

Time estimation for each thing and setting realistic goals.

Everybody has different schedules in life. It's important for us to look at our available windows of time to get work done and set goals based on that! How much time per week do you have to work on your business? What goals are you working toward and what do you need to focus on to get them done? Brittany needed to create 'time blocks' for creating and photographing DIY projects and then turning that into content.

Repurposing content

What older or already-created content do you have that could be refreshed and shared in a new way? Do you have images and a project that you shared in a blog post, but then only shared once on social media? Think about ways you can make one piece of content serve you multiple times in multiple places.

Also Discussed:
  • Reclaiming Focus on Blogging
  • The Instagram Trap
  • Creating Systems for Inspiration
  • The Power of SEO and Keyword Research
  • Embracing the Long Game
  • Creating a Spreadsheet of Ideas

Resources Mentioned

More about Brittany:

Brittany is the home and interior design blogger behind White & Woodgrain. She's a farmhouse-obsessed, Dr. Pepper-drinking, Joanna Gaines fangirl, and novice DIY-er who’s never been to an antique store she didn’t like.

She believes that your house (no matter how big or small, no matter how old or new) is a just place, but home is a feeling. When you spend time making your house feel more like home, you ultimately are making yourself feel more at home in your house. We all have a deep, soul-level need to feel at home. It's a feeling we yearn for. The reason you smile when you think about the places you grew up and your grandmother's house. And the reason we never grow bored walking the aisles of bedding, and dishes, and lamps at Target. We're all searching for the feeling of home because we need it, and it matters, and it goes so much deeper than the decor!


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