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Episode 196 |  Creating a Money-Making Website with Jenny Belanger

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Money-Making Tips for Your Website

In this episode, Jenny Belanger, a talented web designer, joins us to share tactics for updating your website! You'll learn the best ways to feature your opt-ins on your websites to get the most sign-ups, how to make your blog easier to navigate, how to optimize your home page, and more! 

Creating a Money-Making Website with Jenny Belanger

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"There comes a point in time where you really want to invest in in a logo and fonts and colors that suit your brand and work best for you. It's never too late to do this! I wish more brands would do it earlier because it just brings so much confidence to you."

Discussed in this episode...

How can we ensure our sites are easy to navigate?

When you think about your primary blog navigation, you want to limit it. Try and keep it to vie items or less because you don't want to overwhelm people. Take time and think about your main categories, and what your main topics are that your audience is really interested in, and make sure those are front and center.

In that main, top navigation, you don't need to have "home" as an option. People know now that when they click on the logo that they're taken home. The fewer choices you have, the more likely it is for people to take action! Jenny's recommendation is to include a service or product there (if that's part of your income plan) and your top category or two. You want to streamline as much as possible, and don't want to have tons of links up at the top. And an additional option would be your contact page, or wherever you want to take them to take that next step with you.

In the sidebar, have some links to your most featured posts, or highest visited posts, as well as those top categories. It's always important to pay attention to your analytics and what your audience is really connecting with, and then make sure that information is easily accessible!

What does it mean to guide visitors through our website?

The first question you have to answer is, what is the overall goal of your website? Is it traffic? Are you making money through ads? Is it affiliate links? Do you have a product? Understanding what you're trying to do with this audience is the first step.

From there, look at your pages and posts, and go through them. For example, if you do have a product, look at your posts and make sure that if you are mentioning that product that they are taken to a sales page through that post. Or on your 'about' page talk about what you created and guide them to the page to buy the product. Or if you want more views on your posts (this would especially apply if you make money through affiliate links), then make sure that everything that you write is guiding people to a post that has those affiliate links. The biggest thing is understanding what your end goal is. Where are we trying to take people to?

What should every blogger have on their homepage?

Your homepage needs to be really clear about who you are, what you do, and how you can help that person. And then what do you want them to do? You want a clear call to action! If you want to share your latest blog post, or if you want to talk about a product that you created, have a button and send them to that page. It's really important that you're very clear when someone lands on your site because you have less than three seconds really to capture their attention before they click away! Also having an image of you, the person behind the site, is extremely important. You need to show who you are! It makes people want to explore more and learn more about you and what you offer.

Also Discussed:
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  • How can we keep people clicking around on our site to increase our page views?
  • How photos of yourself increase your revenue
  • Is there a "wrong" way to do your home page?
  • Should we make seasonal changes to our website?
  • How to do a contact page the right way
  • Is branding actually that important?

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