Episode 198 |  Should You Start a Podcast for Your Blog? with Haylee Gaffin

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Can Bloggers Also be Podcasters?

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast for your blog and wondered, what all does it entail? Did you know you could start a podcast while repurposing the content you're already creating for your blog? Haylee Gaffin, Podcast Producer and Coach joins us to share what it's like to start a podcast, some content ideas, and the benefit of being a guest on other podcasts before you start!

Should You Start a Podcast for Your Blog? with Haylee Gaffin

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"Look at the content you've created, what has performed well, and can you repurpose that? Just because it lives as a blog post on your website does not mean that your entire audience has read it. It also doesn't mean that you can't repurpose it or add more to it! And like I said earlier, connecting with your audience on an audible level will give you an opportunity to add more, that you couldn't necessarily say within a blog post."

Discussed in this episode...

How can podcasting help content creators?

One of the biggest benefits is that it's a different way to connect with your audience! Through the written word you can connect on a certain level, but landing in someone's ear through an audio format lends a personality to you that someone can't necessarily get through your writing. Audio also offers the opportunity for you to share a little more personality in your content. A lot of us use written word to connect on one level, but then the audio version just gets a little deeper. Not only that but enables you to deliver in a way that's more on the go. Many people listen to podcasts while they're in the car, and they feel like they're in the car with a friend! You can't read while driving, or walking, and many other situations where can still listen to something. Podcasting can offer your message on a different level; not necessarily a better level at all, but a different level of connection with your audience.

Can we add podcasting to our plates without having to do a lot of extra content ideation?

Haylee tells podcasters who are just getting started to first look at the content they've created. What has performed well, and can you repurpose it? Just because it lives as a blog post on your website does not mean that your entire audience has read it! It also doesn't mean that you can't repurpose it and add more to it! As we mentioned, connecting with your audience on an audible level will give you an opportunity to add more in a way that you couldn't necessarily do within a blog post. A long-form blog post can take a lot of time to read! There are people who won't read an entire blog post, but they will listen to a 30-minute podcast episode that contains four times the information of that blog post. There's a real opportunity for you to take something you've already made, see where you can expand on it, where you can add more of your own personal touches to it, and go from there!

What would be the first steps in starting a podcast?

If you're thinking about podcasting, first ask yourself, "what is the goal of this podcast"? Why are you doing it? Is the goal to make money at some point? Is the goal to drive more traffic to your blog? Are you doing this to serve your audience with a different style of content? There are so many goal options out there! How is podcasting going to serve you in the long run?

Because, friends, podcasting is not free! It is not cheap. You always want to make sure that whatever that goal is, that you are comfortable investing in it; for the return of whatever your goal is. If your goal is simply to provide a new option for your listeners to consume your content and hope that drives more people to actually engage with your content, are you willing to invest the time or money into that? So that very first step would be to set that goal and figure out what you want to do with your podcast, and why you want to do it.

And then after that, start brainstorming how you're going to actually accomplish this. Take a look at your time. When do you have time to do this? Do you have the time to do this? What tools do you actually need? A lot of people will look at their budget as the next step. Haylee created an amazing podcast budget worksheet that walks you through how much equipment costs, what tools you need if you're going to outsource where to start, and many more things!

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  • Why should we consider being a guest on other shows?

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More about Haylee:

Haylee Gaffin is a podcast producer, strategist, and owner at Gaffin Creative, where she helps podcast hosts plan their podcast launches and create strategic content that serves their brand and audience. As the founder of Mic Check Society, a community for podcasters, and host of Clocking In Podcast, a podcast for professionals making their way in the working world, Haylee is on a mission to help hopeful podcast hosts grow their brands.


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