When is a good time to start? _______ Fill it in, and I’ll answer it with one simple word.
Now! Now is your time to THRIVE. Why not you and why not now? We are usually our worst critic and it is time to give ourselves the knowledge and tools to succeed in our businesses.
Yes, I want you to flourish and grow, and the Thrive community is there to help you push through barriers. Whether is it at the conference, with up to date information and knowledgeable speakers, or through social media support. If this is your first conference, this is what you should expect.


Get ready for a knowledge packed weekend. It all starts with a cocktail hour on Friday, this is where you get to mingle and introduce yourself to other creatives. We tend to stay behind our computers and phones, online business problems, so use this opportunity while you have it. Dust off those business cards and get ready to hand them out. Don’t be shy! Trust me you may end up meeting a new mentor, best friend, or have multiple business inquires while connecting with sponsors. They are in the same line of work and understand what it takes to do what you do. Remember, they are there to meet you as well and travel on this journey with you. Also, check out who is speaking and connect with them. You can find their information here.


Imagine taking notes from some stellar bosses and entrepreneurs that paved their way to success. Listening and learning from them will allow you to apply their techniques and insights to catapult you to where you want to be. Saturday and Sunday will be full of speakers and panelist spilling all their tips and digging deep into topics that will help you grow your brand.


You will leave Thrive with data and tools to conquer your dreams. If you come across problems along the way, don’t fret you are not alone. Thrive is always there to help you take over the next level. That’s why they have set up multiple ways to help you, even after the conference. If it can’t be answered they can point you in the right direction. Thrive is more than a one time conference. Last but not least, go connect and follow up with all the new people and sponsors you met!


Chelse Willis is a blogger at Enjoy the Chaos. She’s a new blogger who writes about real life motherhood, sustained by coffee. When she isn’t busy with her three adorable boys you can find her organizing meet-ups for local entrepreneurs in southwest Louisiana, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and assisting Thrive with their philanthropic outreaches.