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In this episode, we have a chat with our life planning queen, Erin Condren, about her successes, her tips on life planning, and much more! Erin started her business from the ground up and will talk to you about sticking to your dreams and relying on your community to build you up along the way. Don’t forget about our pop-up conference in LA with Erin Condren on October 20th!

Being successful is being able to bob & weave and be flexible because change is inevitable.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Erin Condren & her influence in Austin, Texas
  • How Erin Condren started her brand & grew her company
  • What community means to Erin
  • Advice & encouragement for those building their businesses & staff
  • How Erin plans for success
  • Staying creative & unique
  • Searching for your passion
  • The power of education
  • Erin’s fav books & tv shows!

Whatever job you’re in, whether you love it or you don’t, there are nuggets of knowledge that you can pull that will be so valuable latResources Discussed in this Episode

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Erin Condren

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan

Notice that where you are can be very valuable education that you’ll be able to use and apply to your next adventure.