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Have you seen bloggers on social media collaborate together and want that? Brittany Fullwood and Shelbi Adams join Bree Pair on the podcast today to chat about how they met, and how they collaborate with each other and other bloggers. If you’re wanting to see growth this way then tune in to listen to their advice!

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Brittany’s blog, “Hello Honey” and Shelbi’s blog, “It’s All Chic to Me
  • How to meet other bloggers in your area & in the industry
  • Helping friends & reaching out to other bloggers
  • Avoiding competition with other bloggers by creating collaborations
  • The importance & benefits of collaborations
  • Fun ways to collaborate

Everyone has a place and it doesn’t hurt you to help someone else.

Resources Discussed in This Episode

The benefits of collaborating … These are our co-workers. We are alone all the time. It’s a very lonely job because we work out of our house 90% of the time. So having those people that you connect with in real life [is important].

Every time we’ve partnered together, it’s only been beneficial to everyone involved. It’s just more eyes on what you’re doing, even if you’re just putting it on Instagram stories. More people are seeing and you’re growing from each other…and it’s more fun!