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If you’ve ever thought that you are blogging about too many things, or if you’ve wanted to just blog under one specific theme then tune in friends! Miranda Enzor, the queen of Halloween, joins us today to share how she plans a year’s worth of content revolving around one topic – Halloween! Learn content tips and strategy in this episode, whether you want to be a super niche blogger or not.

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Write the blog that you want to read.

Miranda Enzor

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Miranda’s journey to starting her blog, Spooky Little Halloween
  • Finding inspiration and passion in a niched down blog
  • Planning content around your audience and your interests
  • Staying consistent with your content
  • Knowing when to take a break
  • Advice for giveaways
  • Advice for bloggers who want to be niched down

Pick something that you are absolutely obsessed with, that you’re passionate about, that you’re excited about, and that you’re not going to get sick of writing about. I think that’s always a huge challenge with a blog.

Miranda Enzor

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Write about something you’re excited about. That’s gonna be my challenge to everybody who’s listening. Write about something you’re excited about, that you’re obsessed with, that gets you excited. Because I think ultimately when we think about blogs, that’s why a lot of us started this; because we were excited about something. We were passionate about a topic…we kind of lose sight of that. Reinvigorating that passion inside yourself is really important.

Miranda Enzor