Alice Kerley:

 Alice Kerley in the Texas-based blogger behind Lone Star Looking Glass, a Southern life + style blog that shares her favorite fashion finds, style tips, travel guides, and everyday adventures in the lone star state and beyond in hopes to inspire likeminded women across the country. Alice lives in Houston with her husband, daughter and two golden retriever pups. She is determined to travel the world, with her family in tow, all the while dressed in style of course! Visit her blog, Lone Star Looking Glass.

Erin Schrader:

 Indiana born and raised, Erin Schrader, is the writer and owner of fashion and lifestyle blog, Living In Yellow. Founded in 2011, Living In Yellow is now “home” to a community of over half a million women who love easy to achieve daily looks, great deals and side of humor along the way. What started as a hobby seven years ago, LIY has now transformed into a multimillion-dollar business which keeps afloat on a daily basis with a team of seven. Erin has become a top affiliate influencer in the digital media space and has a way of connecting with readers in a real and tangible way. While internet trends continue to change, one thing remains with Living In Yellow and that is to be a relatable, fun and positive space for women to connect. Visit her blog, Living in yellow

Girija Patel:

I started my legal career in 2006 at the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Houston, TX. Soon after, I realized that while I loved litigating in court, I had other passions I wanted to explore. I tapped into my creative side and started a thriving social media platform called CityTattler. It was there that I was introduced to an inspiring group of creative entrepreneurs just like you.

I quickly fell in love with this new creative community and made several amazing friends. But eventually, I noticed something strange. Any time I mentioned my background in business law, I’d see eyes glaze over and walls immediately go up. I realized that, to me, business law is just a fact of life. But to my creative entrepreneur friends, it can be scary and overwhelming.

I knew I had to change that.

GBP Law is a boutique business law firm that provides approachable, effective legal solutions — from grassroot beginnings for the budding entrepreneur to the high-level transactions of an established business and everything in between. Whether you need help creating contracts or need trademark advice, I’m here to help!

Samantha Foster:

Hi, I’m Samantha, a mid-30s Christian momma of two fantastic little ladies. A Texan for life, born and raised, I strive to live a life of faith and fun. From fashion and blogging to the great outdoors, and of course my backyard chickens — these are the things that bring me joy.

As CEO and Lead Janitor of Jonathan Ivy Photography, I let my inner boss lady shine alongside my husband, Jonathan Ivy. Together we capture moments at luxury weddings and events. We also create visual experiences through commercial and architectural photography.

Oh but wait! I have a side hustle too. Discovering new products and places and scouting subscription boxes is my passion with The Pink Envelope.

As if that wasn’t enough, with all the time leftover (if any!) I’m out and about chasing my two girls and taking on a renovation of our 1960’s home. Visit her blog, The Pink Envelope

Breanna Pair, Founder and CEO of Thrive:

 Breanna began blogging in 2011 and continued to blog because of the community. After three years of being a part of that community, she saw the different areas where bloggers were in need of the knowledge to turn their blogs into full-time businesses. Once Thrive was founded in 2014, her passion for seeing others succeed was fueled. That passion has driven her to continue leading and growing Thrive to reach and educate even more bloggers.