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Thrive Team’s Austin Favs

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The Thrive Team is working hard to make sure the conference is the perfect weekend for all you. In the meantime, while we all prepare for March, our team got together to share our favorite spots in Austin. Keep this page handy for the conference weekend so you know of all the hottest places to go!

Bree Pair

  • Instagram Spot: An Austin classic is Jo's Coffee Shop. The "I Love You So Much" wall.
  • Dessert: Gourdoughs is hands-down my favorite. Gourmet doughnuts that will change your life. I am serious. Everyone that I take there has loved it. There's such a variety, so there's something for everyone. My favorite is the Funky Monkey!
  • Coffee Shop: Jo's Coffee. Try the Turbo. Trust me. Go ahead and get your regular coffee, sure, but you have to at least get a small turbo and try it, it's delicious!
  • Breakfast Spot: South Congress Cafe. Mimosas and whatever brunch you get, be sure you get a smoked gouda potato pancake with it!
  • Food (general): Find you some tacos!! One of my favorites is The Velvet Taco, specifically the Fish & Chips taco.
  • Shopping: The Domain NORTHSIDE. All the shopping you could want, and be sure to stop in the Erin Condren store. It's beautiful!
  • Entertainment/Hanging Out: South Congress is my favorite spot to hang out, go walking around, take pictures, shop, grab drinks, anything! That's where we hang out a majority of the time we are in Austin.

Chelse Willis

  • Instagram Spot: Everywhere!
  • Dessert: Amy's Ice cream on SOCO
  • Coffee: Jojo
  • Breakfast: 100% South Congress Cafe
  • Food: Guero's (South Congress)
  • Shopping: Small shops on South Congress
  • Entertainment: Finding outdoor music and festivals at parks

Lani Jackson

  • Dessert: VooDoo Doughnut
  • Coffee Shop: Houndstooth Coffee
  • Food (general): Stella San Jac - most amazing Biscuits and delicious cocktails

Diana DeLeon

  • Instagram Spot: The Blanton Museum of Art
  • Dessert: Cow Tipping Creamery (if 21+ Prohibition Creamery)
  • Coffee Shop: Quacks
  • Breakfast Spot: Josephine House (or 24 Diner if it's a late night)
  • Food (general): Zocalo
  • Shopping: The Domain
  • Entertainment/Hanging Out: Unbarlievable/Mozarts/Halcyon

Natalie Matesic

  • Instagram Spot: I've heard some great things about the HOPE outdoor gallery!
  • Dessert: Everyone's suggestions were so great, I'm going to have to try them all out!
  • Breakfast Spot: I'm very interested to go on South Congress and check out the stuff on there
  • Shopping: Wow, EVERYWHERE. I can't wait to shop till I drop.
  • Entertainment/Hanging Out: I recently read about Austin Live Music Crawl which sounds PERFECT for a music-lover like me.

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