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Bree and Lani are back with an update on their blog growth action plan. In January they focused on updating and growing their Pinterest accounts using SEO and a tool called Tailwind App. If you need advice on growing your blog pageviews then listen in. Pinterest is the top referrer for many bloggers and is a powerful tool for bringing in a lot of traffic no matter what your blog niche is.

It’s important to celebrate all the wins, even if they’re small.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Celebrating all wins, big or small
  • Pinterest strategies that worked in January
  • Planning for the month & staying consistent
  • January Plan:
    • Week 1: Pinterest Account Clean-Up, SEO Check, and Pinning Blog Posts to Pinterest
    • Week 2: Tailwind Strategies and Joining Tribes
    • Week 3: Joining Group Boards
    • Week 4: Evaluate Smart Loops & Create Calls to Action on Pins
  • February’s Focus: Facebook

The only way you’re going to gain followers is by putting out good content.

Resources Discussed in this Episode

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