Facebook Growth Action Plan


Facebook isn’t dead! In fact, it drives a lot of traffic to both Bree Pair and Keikilani “Lani” Jacksons blogs. Today on the podcast they break it down for you, how to optimize your page, how to utilize groups, and the 3/4 rule you need to be following. Search “Thrive Blogger Podcast” on your favorite podcast listening app to listen in now, or just click play to listen right here in your browser.

In this episode, they go over:

  • The Rules of Engagement on Facebook. Including the 3/4 rule, and why it’s important to follow it.
  • The “no-no’s” of Facebook that you’ll want to follow if you want the algorithm to work for you.
  • How to optimize your Facebook Page
  • The low-down on participating in Facebook groups in order to get traction on your blog posts.
  • 5 step plan on what you need to be doing on Facebook.


Did you know?

  • Listening to podcasts is 100% FREE! It’s true! We are not charging you anything to get this free information, nor are we making any money by creating this podcast for you. It is a pure labor of love because we want you to be informed and successful bloggers.
  • Check out this article for all the reasons why you should make listening to podcasts a part of your blogging strategy.


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