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What is a Mastermind Group?

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You've probably been hearing the buzz about Mastermind Groups and people talking about how amazing they are and how they've changed their business. If not, don't worry, we'll catch you up. If you have heard about them, you're probably also wondering...

  • What exactly is a mastermind group?
  • Why is everyone so excited about them?
  • Do masterminds really work, are they seeing results?
  • How do you even find a mastermind group?

What exactly is a mastermind group?

It is a small group of like-minded individuals coming together to learn, support each other, and hold one another accountable in their businesses. Neat, right? We know what you're thinking, you already have a great group of friends that encourage each other, so why do you need this? It's more than a group of friends, it's a group that is going to hold you accountable no matter what. You rely on each other and push each other to grow. Having friends is wonderful, but having a group that is your team is what you need to grow. You need a team that will jump in and answer questions for you, give you that nudge when you're not getting the work done, and teach you things that you need to know in your blogging journey.

Why is everyone so excited about mastermind groups right now?

Yes, they are gaining in popularity, but that's because they are actually working! More on that later, but... well, let's touch on that now. Everyone is excited because they're seeing results. Just as when you have some friends that you share your business dreams with, there is something about taking it to the next level and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that have BIG goals they're ready to reach.

Do masterminds really work, are they seeing results?

YES. And we even asked around, so you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what a couple of gals that are in mastermind groups themselves had to say...

"My mastermind group has helped me with my business in the past 6 months. It holds me accountable and I would not be seeing the success I am on my blog without knowing that I have them on my team making sure I'm doing what I need to do. It's always super reassuring meeting and talking with them to just know that I am still on the right track and doing the right things." - Skye McLain

"My experience with the Thrive Mastermind has been life changing. I hadn’t realized how lonely and stressful it was to go it alone. I took a leap of faith and joined 5 strangers inside a Thrive Mastermind. These women have quickly become friends who share their expertise, help me get out of my head and think in new ways and hold me accountable to achieving my goals in business and in life." - Shannon Mattern

Wait, hold on. Shannon said Thrive Mastermind? Did I miss out on something? No, you didn't, but let me tell you what happened...

How do you find a mastermind group?

That has been the question we hear over and over again. So, we decided that we were going to create a mastermind group ourselves. That is how Shannon is in a Thrive Mastermind group. Back in August 2018 we founded the first ever Thrive Mastermind Group, and we have been testing it ever since. We even tested a mastermind retreat! That's still in the works, but we have done all the testing to make sure if we did start this program and open it up to all bloggers that it had to be right. It had to check all of the boxes:

  • Provide Value
  • Educate
  • Give accountability
  • Grow the business of every blogger that joins
  • Help every participant make more money
  • Be cost effective
  • Be fun

Now, we have made sure it checks all the boxes, and it does! So, if you're a blogger and you're looking for a blogger mastermind group, we are now offering that to you! Sign-ups have already begun and the last day to register for this first round is March 28th, 2019. If it's already past that date, don't worry, head to the link anyways to learn more and get on the wait list for the next round. Groups will begin forming on April 1st and last for 6 months.

We're not going to tell you any more, you can click the link and learn for yourselves, but we hope this blog post was informative and you now have a better grasp on just what a mastermind group is, does, and can do for your blog!

Click Here to Learn More about the Blog Growth Mastermind

began blogging in 2011 and continued to blog because of the community. After three years of being a part of that community, she saw the different areas where bloggers were in need of the knowledge to turn their blogs into full-time businesses. When she founded Thrive in 2014, her passion for seeing others succeed was fueled. That passion has driven her to continue leading and growing Thrive to reach and educate even more bloggers. She also has a lifestyle blog where she shares travel diaries, recipes, parties, and more!    

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