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EP. 026 // SEO Tips to Explode Your Page Views

SEO tips for bloggers to explode your page views


SEO sounds scary, but we promise it isn’t. If it is something that we can figure out, you can too! We’re all about keeping things simple and effective. So if you’re ready for your pageviews to start growing, you need to make sure you’re implementing SEO correctly. We break down the simple steps to make sure your blog posts are performing correctly, help you set up a system to get that going, and then boom, you’re done! Listen in and make sure you start applying these tips immediately, on your very next blog post. It’s okay if you haven’t done it in the past, what matters is that you start today.

Links & resources mentioned on the podcast:


Where to put your keyword or keyphrase:

  1. In the title of your blog post
  2. In the first paragraph
  3. Throughout content
  4. In the alt text of your photo


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