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Ep. 027 // How to Write a Blog Post in One Hour with Chelse Willis

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Time is something we are all short on. When you’re working to grow your blog and aren’t able to devote 40 hours a week to it, you have to make every moment count. Bree talks with Chelse of Enjoy the Chaos Blog, she’s a mom of 3 little boys and time is very short and precious. They discuss how to establish small habits every day that will make a big difference and allow you to get a lot more accomplished than you normally could. Listen in as they discuss the strategies for creating a blog post in an hour.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How Chelse Started Blogging
  • Writing a Blog Post in ONE HOUR
    • Pictures
    • Writing the Post
    • Outlining Thoughts & Ideas
  • Thinking About Your Audience
  • Finding Similar People to Support You

Resources Discussed in this Episode


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