Ever want to know what goes into having a successful travel blog? Kait Hanson joins us today and gives so many details on what it really means to be a travel blogger. From SEO to glamorizing travel, and everything in between. If being a travel blogger is something that intrigues you or you want to learn how to do, listen in!

Regardless of what you do, blogging or photography, you really have to love it or it just becomes painful. You lose steam, and you lose your ‘why,’ and you just quit.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Kait’s journey to lifestyle & travel blogging
  • Balancing varying content on the blog
  • How Kait is able to travel the world
  • Advice for incorporating travel in your blog
  • The glamorization of travel blogging & how Kait posts so quickly
  • Staying true to your brand
  • Kait’s blog consistency & organization
  • SEO optimizing & advertising
  • Kait’s future goals

I’m very aware of what I put out there and if something aligns with my values and the things I wanna stand for. I say no to the rest…My authenticity online is far more important to me than a paycheck.

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Start where you are. I think that no matter where you live in the world, there’s got to be something cool or unique that you can write about.

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