Episode 203 | Affiliate Marketing Made Easy: How Ultimate Bundles Can Supercharge Your Blog’s Income with Jessica Evans

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Have you guys heard of the Genius Blogger Toolkit? It's a bundle of digital products released every year that is specifically for bloggers! Well, it's put out by a company called Ultimate Bundles and I am so excited today to be talking to the CEO of Ultimate Bundles, Jessica Evans. There are a lot of great ways that bloggers and content creators can get involved with Ultimate Bundles outside of the Genius Blogger Toolkit, and some awesome ways to make some serious affiliate income! So let's dive in.

affiliate marketing made easy

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Meet Jessica

Jessica Evans is the owner and CEO of Ultimate Bundles, a company that curates topical digital products. Jessica's journey with the company started as a customer, after which she became an affiliate for her blog and later a valued team member. With her proficiency in creating content that resonates with her audience, she found success with Ultimate Bundles, ultimately purchasing the company and becoming the CEO.

The Power of Bundles as a Blogger

Jessica's journey began as a customer, intrigued by the bundles that they created. She appreciated the curated collection of ebooks, courses, printables, and digital products. This sparked a fire within her, leading her to become an affiliate. Through her blog, "Follow My Arrow", she ventured into the world of affiliate marketing, using Ultimate Bundles as a stepping stone. The success she garnered made her realize the potential of not only affiliate marketing, but bundles as a whole.

When a customer service opening surfaced at Ultimate Bundles, Jessica knew it was the perfect fit. After 5 years of working for Ultimate Bundles, Jessica purchased the company and became the CEO.

Now Jessica is passionate not only about the success of Ultimate Bundles but providing an income source for bloggers who are affiliates for the bundles that they create.

Becoming an Affiliate for Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles provides their audience with an opportunity to become an affiliate—the benefit is that you get to promote the bundles based on your audience's interest. You essentially get to pick and choose what you want to promote and then make money off of the purchases for that bundle!

Promoting Bundles with Swipe Copy

In every type of affiliate marketing opportunity, you have to consider your promotion strategy. Ultimate Bundles provides their affiliates and participants with swipe copy. The powerful benefit to swipe copy is that you can customize it to match your brand voice and audience style, but also allow for it to stand out from the crowd.

Contributing to Ultimate Bundles

Potential income sources for bloggers extend beyond simply promoting bundles as an affiliate; you can also offer your products to be included within the bundles. Contributing digital products to Ultimate Bundles provides a variety of opportunities—from getting access to the bundle to growing your email list and earning an income.

The Best Place to Promote Bundles

As a blogger, you've found your groove in marketing for your content, but when it comes to bundles, the strategy may be a little different. At Ultimate Bundles, they've found that social media simply doesn't convert the way they'd prefer—which is why they encourage building an email list for your promotions.

You don't have to have a big email list either, as Jessica grew her own email list through being a participant in Ultimate Bundles. As you grow your email list, you will be able to connect more personally within the inbox in order to build better conversions for your participation in Ultimate Bundles.

If you're interested in learning more about Ultimate Bundles, participating in the next bundle, or get access to a bundle, make sure you check out their website!

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Jessica

Find It Quickly

  • 01:36 - Jessica's Journey with Ultimate Bundles
  • 04:37 - Examples of Bundles
  • 08:08 - Becoming an Affiliate
  • 10:11 - Participating as a Contributor
  • 14:39 - Benefits of Using Swipe Copy
  • 17:28 - Growing Your Email List with Bundle Participation
  • 21:12 - Best Ways to Promote Bundle Links
  • 23:43 - The Genius Bloggers Toolkit

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