227 | Finding Your Niche: Combining Passion & Clarity to Nail Your Content with Amy Senter

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What exactly do you blog about and who are you blogging for? If you’ve ever felt like you’re not quite sure what your niche is or how to define it, today’s episode is for you. Knowing your passions and having clarity in your audience it the key to finding your niche. Listen in as blogger and Shift member Amy Senter discusses how she found her niche, combined it with her passion, and has built a profitable blog from it.


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How Amy Built Her Business as a Blogger

As Amy was trying to figure out what she was going to do with her life when her kids went back to school, she wound up really sick with Lyme disease. She was forced into a wheelchair and taking tons of medication, which ultimately led her into a really low point in her life.

To get out of that funk, Amy started reading books about dealing with hardships by a variety of authors from all backgrounds. She started questioning her identity—who was she, what did she believe, and what was her purpose? While she'd been brought up in the church, she'd never faced anything that would push her to lean into faith—until now.

When she started taking the expectation of everyone else out of her focus, she decided to start doing things that she wanted to do for her. This started with blogging about her journey to encourage people, sharing her art, and highlighting what she was learning on her faith journey.

Ultimately, her blog became her business—a business built out of hardship.

Finding Her Niche: Listening to Her Audience

Just like many of us, Amy started her blog without a specific focus. She blogged about motherhood, Christianity, art, lifestyle content, recipes, and more. She didn't even know that she could make money while blogging.

As she started to learn more and monetize, she started to find a passion and purpose in her life that she hadn't felt since before she got sick. That's when she started to take herself seriously as a blogger, which meant she needed to find her niche.

While it started very specifically as an outlet to vent about her journey with Lyme disease, she found that she didn't enjoy talking through the experience with others. That's when she began to filter her content by asking:

"Is this 'personal, you need to just get this out in a journal' content or is it 'this needs to be a blog post' content?"

So often lifestyle blogs are full of all types of content, but when you niche down, you can really hone in on your audience. Just because some content doesn't match your blog, doesn't mean it isn't part of your life.

While Amy was sharing her regular blog content, she shared a post about the bible and what she was learning at the time—it ultimately let to her audience asking for more resources and worksheets. One thing that she learned through this process was to allow her audience to share their thoughts. Despite the fact that she didn't think she should shift into the Christian lifestyle blogger space, she knew that her passion came through in her writing, allowing her audience to resonate with it.

Now Amy has shifted her content to Christian lifestyle content and shares her Lyme disease story in a way that aligns with her content and messaging.

Refining Her Niche

Amy is always considering her audience and what they're looking for, but also ensuring that she's staying aligned in her messaging. In getting information from your audience, constantly learning what they need, and where they are in their stage of life, you'll understand how to serve them.

Rather than going off on tangents into different topics, Amy sends an annual survey to her audience to learn what they need from her.

Owning Your Brand

When she first started shifting into creating the content around the bible, Amy struggled with whether or not she had the authority to do so since she didn't have the educational background for it. This is what we often refer to as imposter syndrome, which so many of us struggle with.

Ultimately, she decided it was the right niche and direction to take her brand, but she needed to determine her tone. She created a versatile platform, pulling from all translations with a non-denominational approach. She's built a way for her audience to find answers for themselves rather than teaching them her own interpretations.

Her goal is to teach people how to figure out the format of the bible and how the pieces fit together so that when they face controversial topics, they can find the answers themselves. Therefore, when people ask her about specific translations, teachings, etc., she simply doesn't answer those questions, as it's not a part of her mission or platform.

Find It Quickly

  • 2:40 - Get to know Amy Senter
  • Discovering blogging through hardship (3:53)
  • Defining your niche to grow a business (10:33)
  • Listening to and serving your audience (21:34)
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome  (23:39)
  • Blogging dreams in 2024 (28:25)

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