237 | Content Planning Hack—Using a Series

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Do you sometimes get stuck in your approach to content creation? Maybe you're not sure what to post or you're out of ideas—listen in as I share one of my favorite content planning hacks. Creating a series for your content reduces burnout, helps generate traffic, and if done right, grows your email list and earns you money! Listen in to hear my three steps to creating a content series, plus my anti-burnout content creation method that helps you get paid.


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Creating a Content Series

Creating a content series is a really awesome tool that you can have in your toolbox for strategic content planning. From creating consistency in your content to creating connection with your audience, a series sets you up for success in content creation.

It's no secret that series work. Your audience will not only know what's coming up, but also have the opportunity to look forward to what you're putting out.

What is a content series?

When I think of a content series, I think of a topic that you're going to be talking about for an extended period of time. Whether it's a theme or a holiday, you can create any type of consistent content that's relevant to a particular topic in order to create series content.

Creating a Content Series Reduces Burnout

One of the most powerful reasons, in my opinion, to create a content series is the impact it has on burnout. Have you ever felt like you're constantly having to come up with stuff to talk about? That can easily lead to burnout or at least contribute to it.

Oftentimes, burnout is coming at you from all angles (work and personal life), so the more we can do to reduce burnout, the better we're able to take care of our mental health. When you use a series approach, it helps with content planning, strategy, and reducing burnout.

Reducing burnout then leads you to being a better creator, entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, and more.

Help Is Not a Four Letter Word

While we're on the topic of burnout, I do want to highlight that help is not a four letter word. You can ask for help in every component of your life—from partners to hiring, there are people out there ready to support you.

Three Steps to Creating a Content Series

Now that we've cover the importance and value of a content series, let's explore the three steps to actually creating one.

1. Identify Your Topic

When you choose your topic, you want to pick something that resonates with your audience.

Liz from Within the Grove - Liz has a series planned from month to month. As a DIY blogger, this has looked like a home office renovation, a greenhouse build, etc. She approaches it by planning out her year month by month. Additionally, she will have mini projects as well; during the office renovation she was sharing about paint, lighting fixtures, and more.

Her audience is excited and engaged to follow along with each project!

2. Plan the Topic

Once you've identified the topic, it's time to plan out the details:

  • individual posts
  • timing
  • key points to cover

At Thrive, we have planned it a few different ways—an entire week vs. an entire month. In February, we did a Thrive in Five series where we talked about growing our email list. We were also able to apply it in multiple areas: podcast, emails, and in our email challenge. This allowed everything to be really synced, helping me to focus. You can even apply this to a weekly theme for your social media content.

3. Execution

Now the next step I want to review is the actual execution of your content. One of the biggest tips that I truly believe can make a huge impact on your content creation is batching. I encourage you to batch content that feels good for you to batch (outlines, emails, social media, etc).

The Benefits of a Content Series

A series can transform your content calendar—let's look at the benefits:

  • Provide less stress, because you know what you're posting and when.
  • It can fill in content gaps and give you a framework for other content ideas.
  • A series will build anticipation and a loyal audience base to come back.

Listen to Your Audience

As you're posting the content you create, make sure you listen to your audience. Listen to their responses and engagement. Additionally, you can utilize tools like polls to help navigate what they're interested in hearing more about.

Use Calls to Action

Now, let's put on our business and strategy hats and consider the call to action that we want the audience to take. Can you create a freebie about your content that you can reference? What about a low ticket digital product that you can upsell.

This means you've created content that you love and your audience will respond to, you're growing your email list, and you're making extra money through a digital product. This is a full circle, anti-burnout, content creation method.

If you enjoyed this episode and need additional support, make sure you check out Profitable Blogger Society, where you can get even more support and strategy for monetizing your blog!

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  • Step 2 Plan the Topic (13:18)
  • Step 3 Execution (16:22)
  • The Benefits of a Content Series (18:33)
  • Listen to Your Audience (20:25)
  • Use Calls to Action (24:46)

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