3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

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Podcasts are a great resource full of amazing information that you can listen to anywhere at any time, and typically for free! I just recently got into podcasts and I’m finding myself getting hooked. Any subject, any genre, any speaker, in the comfort of my own home or on the go.

Everyone’s got the “Podcasts” app on their iPhone’s, but a lot of us look past it or even delete it. While cleaning out my phone recently, I saw the app. Thought to myself, ‘I never use this, why is it even still here?’ I was about to press the big X in the corner to trash it when I started to second guess my decision. Maybe I could find a use for it?

Like that old t-shirt in the back of your closet you don’t wear anymore but keep for ‘just-in-case’ purposes, I kept it. I started looking through the app and realized that every subject I could possibly want to hear about was right here. Politics, science, comedy, you name it!

I often lose my train of thought when reading, so this was a great discovery for me! Plus I'm always on the go and this was the perfect thing to educate myself and keep my brain active at any time.

I’m going to break down the 3 reasons you should either keep or redownload that free Podcast app and have a listen at your own leisure!

Free Education!

Education today typically always costs something or has a catch. But podcasts are free and easier to access than most other educational resources. They’re on your phone, which you’re either currently holding or sitting next to!

Anything ‘free’ is hard to come by nowadays, so I try to cherish any good opportunity while it’s here! This means that you can learn about something in depth without spending a penny. How awesome is that?

Learn from Wherever

This is my favorite thing about podcasts. They’re not like a book or a video or an in-person lecture. You can listen to them absolutely anywhere at any time.

This means you can hop in the shower and listen to one about water conservation; go to the gym and run while listening to someone talk about the existence of Bigfoot; or even on your way to work, learning about the best way to monetize your business.

This gives you an opportunity to always have your brain learning. Podcasts range in time, but they’re typically around a half hour to an hour. That gives you enough time to grab lunch and pop some headphones in, or even relax to one before bed.

Use Your Time Wisely by Feeding Your Interests

You know when you have an hour between classes or before work where you have nothing to do but wait? What do we typically do? Sit on our phones to pass the time. I know I’m guilty of this.

What should I be doing? Keeping my brain alert. A great way to do this is to grab a pair of headphones and listen to something educational while I’m waiting.

This is a great way to use your time wisely and not waste the hours away by looking at nonsense on Twitter. I’m able to use that time relaxing AND learning.

Now I know it seems a little exhausting to go to work or class and then immediately put a podcast on and have to learn even more, but that’s not the case! I’m able to listen to anything that interests me! I can listen to topics like blogging tactics, cooking ideas, fashion inspiration. Leisurely listening with no pressure at all.

Thrive's New Podcast!

Now before you go and put on your new fav podcast, I’d love to tell you about the newest addition to Thrive, which is our own podcast!! How exciting? You’ve heard all about the benefits, and now you have the perfect one to start on!

Our new podcast is one of the only podcasts out there that is specifically tailor-made for bloggers and social media influencers. This is THE blogger podcast...or the Thrive Blogger Podcast! Go listen to it now!

We'd love to have you tune in & leave us a review on iTunes!


Natalie is a senior at Ohio University studying English and Journalism. She works for Thrive as their content strategist, helping with blog posts, marketing, and social media. Currently, Natalie writes for Backdrop Magazine at Ohio University and sings with the Ohio University Women's Ensemble. Natalie plans on starting her own blog one day. She is known for her energetic and fun-loving personality. She channels her creativity through writing, sign language, the great outdoors, and yoga.

Photo Credits: Sophie Kerivan (@sophsoph_19)

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1 Comment on 3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

  1. I love podcasts! I listen to at least one podcast every day. I listen to podcasts on so many different topics and I learn something new every day. Good luck on the new show! I will be listening.

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