254 | 4-Step Method to Hitting Your Blogging Goals

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We've spent a bit of time discussing goal setting on the podcast, but what about how to go after those goals? In today's Thrive in Five episode, I'm sharing the 4-step method I use for hitting my goals!


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Last week in our Thriving Five episode, we talked about setting smart goals. The next step always comes and that is actually working towards the SMART goals. So, in this Thrive in 5 episode, I am going to share the steps that I take to make sure I'm actually making progress towards those goals. So that way I can actually hit them.

Because if we're not doing the work towards our goals, then again, it was just a fun goal setting activity. Um, That didn't amount to anything and we don't want that. So once you set your SMART goals, then what? There are four steps that I take to break down those big goals even further. And if you didn't listen to how to set SMART goals, make sure you jump back to last week's episode and listen to that first, because if you hate goal setting, or if you feel like goal setting hasn't worked for you in the past, you want to listen to that episode.

So after I set my goals, I then create four different goals. plans and focuses. So the first is looking at my entire year. So it doesn't matter if you're listening to this in May or if you're listening to this and wanting to do this in January, time of the year doesn't matter. But I do like to look at like, okay, what am I hoping to accomplish by this time next year?

Or sometimes, you know, if I'm a little bit later into the year. I'm like, all right, what do I want to just accomplish by the end of the year? But I generally like to look at up to like a 12 month plan of here is what I want to accomplish by the end of the year. Then I I have to break that down because just looking at that and looking at your goals and it's like, okay, cool.

Bye. And then you just keep going and doing what you've been doing. And we're always on just this content creation hamster wheel, and there's always tasks and always things to do. That is great. Good and bad. Like, it's good that we're working on things because I do think in the end it's like overall growth, right, is what we're working towards.

However, if we're not pausing and being very strategic about where we're spending our time, we are going to take so much longer to hit goals or some goals are just going to be completely ignored. So for example, if you're wanting to grow your email list and you write that down and you're very, you know, detailed and you do the smart goal method, that's awesome.

But then if you don't break that down into plans over the entire year, you're going to get to the end of 12 months and be like, oh, okay. I grew by like 50 people and that's it. We don't want that. We want to see more substantial growth and that is It's why we have to make plans. So I like to look at my one year and then from there I break them into the quarters.

So each year has four quarters. So I look to like to look at, okay, what am I going to be focusing on this first quarter? Now, one thing that when I've helped people do this is they like to just. Take that one year plan and divide it into four and split it up. There's pros and cons to doing that. One thing that I always want to caution you with doing that is let's say that you set a goal of adding a thousand email subscribers to your list.

And so you're like, okay, each quarter, I need to add 250 to my list, which sounds. Correct. However, if you do not have any opt in set up, if you don't have your email marketing platform set up, if you don't have a system in place, you're doing so much extra work in that first quarter just to create a baseline for yourself.

So because of that, I don't recommend making 250 be your goal in your first quarter. I would more so be like, let's try to get a hundred. Because you're going to be spending so much time getting set up and creating baseline and getting used to promoting your opt ins and growing your email list that we need to give you time for that.

So that is one thing that you need to keep in mind when you're setting your quarterly goals. Once you've done quarterly, and you can just do one quarter at a time, Then I want you to look at monthly. That's what I do next is like, okay, I need to break this down even further because again, three months is going to go by fast.

And if I'm not focused on it, I'm not going to make sure it happens. So I create my monthly focus. And then I also create a content plan. So those are my four pieces, the one year, the quarterly, monthly, and then the content plan. So I like to, I've been doing this a lot lately of like setting a monthly focus.

of one thing that I am going to work towards that month. So for the month of May, it was launching our new branding over here at Thrive. We just got that done. Hopefully you guys saw it. If not, run over to our website, run over to our social. I mean, heck, even in this app, we have a new podcast cover. Yay!

Super exciting. So that was our focus for May. In June, we will have a different thing that I'm. Just totally focusing on for the business and that really helps me a lot too with just breaking things down even further. So I'm able to give things that are important and that are on my goal list, the time and attention that they deserve.

And then having a content plan really helps me as well to be able to work towards those goals. So sometimes it's like a CEO plan where it's like, uh, I have to create an opt in. I have to design it, write the copy. I've got to set up the forms and all of that. And then sometimes it's purely a content plan of like, I have all of the pieces.

I just have to make sure that I am showing up and actually creating the content, writing the blog posts, publishing the blog posts, getting things out on Pinterest and on social media, right? All of that content. Marketing that is so important, including creating the content needs to go and needs to be planned.

So those are my four pieces to help you break down. Okay, once I set my goals, how do I actually make sure that I hit them? It's these four pieces. Bottom line is get organized and always know what you're working on and working towards.

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