4 Steps for Writing an About Me Page for Your Blog

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Every blog needs an About Me page so readers know who exactly is talking to them, why, and why they should listen to them! Have you written yours and if so, is it up to date? Read along for 4 easy steps to write your About Me page!

Step 1. What makes your blog different than others? Create empathy!

First things first, yes, this is your blog, but if you want to be successful you have to remember that you're writing this for your audience. It's not about you, it's about them.

Be genuine and share why the topics on your blog are important to you, and how you relate to them. How are you going to solve their pain points, what solutions are you bringing to them? Share why you are so passionate about these things, and why you started your blog to share your knowledge about your topics with your readers.

If you're a lifestyle blogger and going, whatttt? I understand because I myself am a lifestyle blogger! You can read my about me page here. Even though I am a lifestyle blogger I have a theme to my blog, I blog about simplifying life! Whether that's entertaining, traveling, or making your house a home.

I am passionate about simplifying things because life is hard and intimidating. I want to show how you can do things easier, make a recipe that seems complicated, travel without it being stressful, and give simple tips for cultivating the life you want. Living in a day and time where social media makes it seem like everyone is an expert and can do everything perfectly can be discouraging.

I'm not afraid to tackle hard things, and I always find ways to make them simpler to do. On my about page I talk about relatable scenarios that my readers may be going through and how I am here to help them through it.

See? Even though I blog about many things, I am passionate about sharing for a certain reason. So, how can you make your passion known and empathize with your readers? Start building a relationship with them in a couple of paragraphs.

Step 2. Who is the author?

Keep this to 2-3 shorter paragraphs. Hook us into who you are and why you're the one we should be coming back to read more from.

If you have an interesting story that relates to the topic of your blog, tell us about it here too! Think about what you plan to share on your blog and on your social media, what back story can you give us here? Link to posts that may go into depth about certain details, that way you're giving them a way to learn more if they're interested. Don't be afraid to show off a bit of your personality.

Always include your picture! You want to create a personal connection to your audience so they feel like they know you, and are your friend they can call to get coffee with.

Step 3. What can we expect to find on your blog?

You've now told us why you are blogging about your topic, your passion, and about yourself, so now, what exactly can we expect to find on your blog? Share with us some example posts (and include links!), tell us what your favorite blog post you've ever written is, and share your most popular post is.

Also, tell your readers when you release blog posts. If you don't have a schedule for releasing blog posts, consider doing so (check out our blog post on "4 Steps to Write Blog Posts Faster"), that way you can get your readers coming and checking for new posts on certain days.

Step 4. Call to action: Leave an evergreen opt-in here to get them on your email list.

Now, you've made them fall in love with you and your blog! You've captured their attention, they are intrigued, so keep them coming back. Create an opt-in and place it at the bottom of your about page. Use one that is evergreen (can be used year-round) that way you're not having to change it out multiple times a year. This is such a great way to optimize your about page and get their email addresses to help create return readers.


Bree began blogging in 2011 and continued to blog because of the community. After three years of being a part of that community, she saw the different areas where bloggers were in need of the knowledge to turn their blogs into full-time businesses. When she founded Thrive in 2014, her passion for seeing others succeed was fueled. That passion has driven her to continue leading and growing Thrive to reach and educate even more bloggers. She also has a lifestyle blog where she shares travel diaries, recipes, parties, and more!

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