4 Steps to Write Blog Posts Faster

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If you are looking to increase your page views as a new blogger, we usually suggest pumping out more content. The more posts you have that are correctly SEO'd (check out our tips here) and shared on social media correctly, including Pinterest (check out Pinterest tips here), will drive more traffic to your blog, because you'll have more eyes on your content!

How to write blog posts faster

How to write blog posts faster:

The problem we always see and have experienced first-hand is that creating content takes a lot of time! The idea of writing double the content you're currently pushing out, or just adding one more post to your weekly publishing schedule, can be daunting. So, we have created a 4 step strategy that is going to help you write more efficiently and push out blog posts faster!

TLDR: You're going to break down your posts into batched steps, do all your brainstorming and outlining in one sitting, writing in another sitting, graphics in another, and scheduling in another.

Step 1: Batch Outline

Remember back in English class how you had to go through certain steps before you actually wrote your paper? The process before you started writing is what set you up for success, and yet for some reason, a lot of us leave out those prep steps! You had to brainstorm your topic, research, and then outline.

So in order to write blog posts faster, set aside 1-2 hours to batch outline multiple posts. You're not writing them, just outlining! As an example, I had done some research on posts I wanted to write, brainstormed ideas, looked at the past inspiration I'd already written down, and then outlined 11 blog posts. With research and brainstorming included with outlining, it took me about 2-3 hours to do those 11 blog posts.

Step 2: Concentrated Writing

Next, you're going to sit down and write. You've already got the outlines written, so writing them will take less time. Your ideas are written down, and now it's time to fill in the blanks. Don't forget to focus on headings, your title, and keywords to make sure your post is relevant to what your audience is searching for!

Schedule a couple of hours at a time to sit down without any distractions and write as many posts as you can. Don't worry about adding in pictures or graphics, that will be next. Your task is just to write. Trust me, follow the steps and it will lead to you writing blog posts faster.

Step 3: Batch Graphic Creation/Photography

Every blog post you create should also have a pinnable image. Canva is one of our favorite free online tools for making Pinterest graphics, and they even have templates already created for you! Change out your colors, put in your fonts, add pictures and you're almost there. Be sure to put a clickbait title on the graphic, you want your audience to see it on Pinterest and want to click it.

If you need pictures for your blog post, consider batching this! If you do recipes create multiple recipes at a time, and photograph them all on the same day. This way you're pulling out all of your props, lighting, and camera set up one time for multiple recipes rather than doing them one at a time. You'll save a lot of time doing this! The same goes for any niche. If you're a fashion, home, or DIY blogger, try to do multiple things at one time to get things done faster.

Once they're edited and ready to go, insert them into all of your blog posts that you already have written!

Step 4: Schedule

You're in the home stretch now my friend! Time to look at your calendar and make sure you schedule blog posts to go out at optimal times. Try to stick to a schedule of releasing content as much as you can so your audience is used to seeing new blog posts from you on certain days of the week. We know life happens, but when you work ahead and batch blog posts following these steps it will make it a lot easier.

Now that you have your blog post scheduled, add photos to your Instagram scheduler (we love Plann!), Tailwind for Pinterest, Twitter scheduler (Hootsuite is our go-to), and directly into Facebook, because Facebook will love you so much more when you schedule directly on your page.


Bree began blogging in 2011 and continued to blog because of the community. After three years of being a part of that community, she saw the different areas where bloggers were in need of the knowledge to turn their blogs into full-time businesses. When she founded Thrive in 2014, her passion for seeing others succeed was fueled. That passion has driven her to continue leading and growing Thrive to reach and educate even more bloggers. She also has a lifestyle blog where she shares travel diaries, recipes, parties, and more!

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