Ep. 039 // From Blogger to Published Author with Miranda Anderson

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Have you ever thought about writing a book or wondered what it would be like to do so? Writing a blog post is one thing, but putting down over 40,000 words is another! Miranda Anderson joins us again on the show to share her experience of going from blogger to published author. She just released her book "More Than Enough" and today, she gives a behind the scenes look of what it really takes to write a book, how to publish, things she wished she knew before she started, and more! Enjoy!

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 039:

  • A glimpse into Miranda's new book, "More than Enough"
  • Creating new dreams
  • The misconceptions of writing a book vs. blogging
  • Prioritizing the book over her business
  • Creating serious goals
  • Publishing a book & finding the right fit
  • Things Miranda wishes she knew before writing a book

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Memorable Quotes:

"You can create a new dream and make that happen. You don't have to only do the things that you thought of when you were little and become a ballerina or an astronaut. You can decide today. It's never too late to decide something that you want to do."
"Your story has value even without permission of someone else so don't wait for someone to tell you that they want to hear what you have to say…There is value in writing down your story and sharing it, even if it's just a couple people that need to hear it and it connects with them and it changes their lives."
"I don't believe that any of my value lies within the number of my audience…My ultimate goal with writing my book wasn't just to sell a high number of copies of the book. Do I want to sell a ton of books? Yeah, absolutely. What author wouldn't? But more than that, I wanted to be true to my story and reach people where they are in a way that I feel like they need…If I had to compromise on that in order to work with a big publishing house, then I didn't want to work with a big publishing house…You can self-publish a book! Anyone can!"

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