Episode 209 | Applying the Enneagram to Empower You in Business with Sarajane Case

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Do you want to build a sustainable business that works for you? Not every business is the same, just like how every business owner isn't the same. By exploring the Enneagram, you can create a thriving and sustainable business that aligns with your own growth goals and dreams.

In this episode, you'll dive into the fascinating world of the Enneagram. Listen in as Enneagram expert Sarajane Case explains that the Enneagram is not just about labeling yourself but rather a tool for personal growth and self-reflection.


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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a system of personality broken down into 9 unique types where you can find repeating patterns for yourself and your personality. Those who are unfamiliar with the enneagram are fearful of being put into a box or being simplified into something they're not.

The process of engaging with the Enneagram begins with an initiative to self-reflect and understand one's motivations, fears, and patterns of behavior. A vital starting point is to take an Enneagram test, which offers initial insights into one's dominant type. However, the journey does not end there. An integral part of this process is diving deeper, going beyond the quiz results, and researching the descriptions of various types to identify which resonates most.

Note: If you don't resonate with your type, you may have been mistyped. Most tests are about 48% accurate.

Beyond Your Enneagram Number

Sarajane emphasizes looking beyond what your test results are and what you resonate with. The purpose of the Enneagram isn't to define you but to explore what motivates you and what limits you. If you're wanting to explore further, check out Sarajane's Self-Typing Resource. Sarajane actually had her own experience with mistyping—but it took a long time for her to realize that she had been mistyped.

Note: If you don't resonate with your type, you may have been mistyped. Most tests are about 48% accurate.

By utilizing the Enneagram entrepreneurs can glean insights into their behavioral tendencies, coping mechanisms, and decision-making processes.

An example of this is when Enneagram threes who can't recover from burnout, because they believe that a busy calendar is success—they haven't accepted that peace is also a form of success. Diving into the enneagram can open the doors to understanding this and allow you the motivation to pursue that rest over burnout.

Using the Enneagram in Your Business

We all have our own strengths in our business—when we recognize that, we can structure our work around supporting those strengths. Identifying your strengths based on your Enneagram allows you to increase productivity. This method allows content creators and bloggers to focus on what they excel at naturally, leaving room for outsourcing or automating tasks that may not align with their strengths.

Additionally, another element of the Enneagram is where we move when we're stressed and when we're at peace—known as lines. This means you can easily recognize your behaviors and why you're doing it. Understanding these lines can equip entrepreneurs to prevent stress optimally and tap into restful spaces methodically. Every Enneagram number has levels of health—oftentimes we're not aware of what pattern you're in unless you dig into the research.

If you're trying to integrate the Enneagram into your life and learn from it, but just can't seem to grasp it or figure out what's next, ask yourself, "Is this preventing me from doing the work I want to do in the world?"

Resources Mentioned

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  • 2:14 - Get to Know Sarajane Case
  • 3:33 - What is the Enneagram?
  • 4:26 - Misconceptions about the Enneagram
  • 6:25 - Getting Started with the Enneagram
  • 14:06 - Achieving Success and Recovering from Burnout
  • 15:00 - How Sarajane Got Started with the Enneagram
  • 19:24 - Using the Enneagram in Business
  • 29:14 - The Supportive Nature of the Enneagram
  • 30:03 - Embracing Multiple Types

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